Neck Wattle Removal

“Neck wattle” or “Double Chin” is loose lumpy skin below the chin area, resulting in two chin layers.

The Causes of Neck Wattle

  1. Accumulation of fat – occurs below the chin. BSL Clinic’s dermatologists will utilise the appropriate forms of technology to eliminate the excess fat, resulting in a sharper face shape.
  2. Loose or saggy skin – occurs below the chin due to the effects of ageing or being overweight.
  3. Pulling down of muscles – the excessive use of muscles leads to muscle contractions, where the skin becomes loose or saggy.

Treatment Methods

1. Ultherapy – for fat reduction, skin tightening and sharpening the facial structure. Ultrasound technology is undertaken with its high accuracy targeting the SMAS layer underneath the surface of the skin. It is a non-invasive form of treatment that aids in tightening the loose or saggy skin underneath the chin area.

2. Anti-laxity Injections – lifts the muscles to aid in sustaining the firmness of the skin and to prevent long-term sagging of the cheeks, double chin and neck.

  1. Point 1 – adjusting the chin to become proportionate to the overall facial structure.
  2. Point 2 – smoothen the jawline, reduce the accumulation of fat in the cheeks, remove unwanted dent marks, thus creating a proportionate chin.
  3. Point 3 – A defined jawline that is sharp and strong.
  4. Point 4 – the jawline is adjusted giving men a more masculine appearance. Lifting the skin to give women a more tapered and dimensional jawline.
  5. Point 5 – lifts the skin to create a slimmer facial appearance, tapered and the cheeks appearing less saggy.