Cheek Voluminisation

Cheek voluminisation enhances the dimension of the face. The face will become more attractive, smoother and even toned. Individuals will begin to develop sunken cheeks throughout their ageing process, resulting in the overall proportion of the face being unbalanced. BSL Clinic’s dermatologists have the extensive aesthetic knowledge and experience in designing and adjusting cheek voluminisation, with the aim of fulfilling the desires of the patient. It is important that the cheeks complement the other facial aspects, providing a naturally enhanced look.

Individual results may vary.
Individual results may vary.

A tense facial look can be enhanced through making changes to the cheeks, transforming it into a more curved and tapered form, which complements the individual’s jawline. The adjustment of flat cheekbones and added dimensions are undertaken to this facial feature. It results in younger looking cheekbones and is also known as the Ogee Curve.

Changing the Dimensions of the Cheeks

  • C1 spot – to lift and tighten the cheek grooves.
  • C1+ Super Model spot – for patients wanting higher and sharper cheekbones for a more defined look.
  • C2 spot – to lift and change the dimensions of the cheeks.
  • C3 Ogee Curve spot – adjusting flat cheekbones and dimensions are added to this facial aspect. The results are younger looking cheekbones.