Chin Augmentation

It is important that the chin is proportionate to the forehead, nose, and jawline, indicating a balanced and an aligned facial structure. BSL Clinic’s dermatologists have the experience and knowledge to design the shape of the chin to complement the other features of the face.

The 3-Dimensional Chin

The Front View at a 90 Degree Angle

The front side of the chin should be curved and pointed, not too long or too short. It will vary between males and females, due to the differences in characteristics of each individual.

The Side View

Designing a chin that complements the nose and the structure of the face is a significant aspect. Through observing the side view of the face, the proportionate chin complements the nose and the lip in a straight line. This is considered a proportionate chin.

Non-Invasive Chin Augmentation and Design

An HA Filler is utilised for the purpose of chin augmentation and design.

  • Point 1 – treat the dimple below the lip, lifting the corner of the mouth, creating a pointed and curved chin.
  • Point 2 – chin apex (an important facial point), where the length of the chin can be increased. It is the most curved-out part of the chin and is the middle point of the face.
  • Point 3 – it supports the shape of the chin to be evenly proportionate.
  • Point 4 – is another important point and is used to change the chin’s dimensions, from a bent shaped to a more curved chin appearance.
  • Point 5 – used to develop a more masculine appearance and to increase the sharpness of the facial frame.
  • Point 6 – marionette lines or lower cheek grooves assist in supporting the fat in the cheek area to increase firmness. It also reduces the sagginess of the lower cheeks and the corner of the mouth.