Facial Aesthetics for Yonger and Natural Look

Utilising 3D Facial Design to:

  • Resolve skin conditions
  • Fill in the missing fat tissue within the muscle layer
  • Lift the muscles within the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) layer
  • Minimise wrinkles within the muscle layer
  • Reinforce the facial bone structure to add shape and dimension

Fraxel Restore Dual Laser

Individual results may vary.

The Fraxel Dual Laser is a technologically advanced machine utilised to restore aged skin. It uses Fractional Photo Thermolysis, a procedure in which heat from the laser boosts the production of new collagen. This method minimises wrinkles, large pores, pits, black pores, melasma, scarring from inflammatory papules and restores loose skin. The treatment has limited side effects, with the outcomes of having smoother, flawless and an even tone skin.

The results?

  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Creating a smoother and even skin tone
  • Minimizing and tightening pores to solve oily skin conditions
  • Eliminating pits, scarring and black spots
  • Skin restoration and the production of new skin cells
  • Skin does not thin out
  • Limited allergic reactions or skin sensitivity to sun exposure after treatment

Filling the Missing Fat Tissue Within the Fat Layer

This treatment aims to add shape and volume to the facial features of an individual. An HA Filler is utilised to improve the declining skin tissue within the fat layer. This procedure seeks to lift and fill in the missing fat tissue of the facial structure which has entirely declined. The outcome is tighter skin which in turn creates an overall smooth appearance, blending in with the other facial features, and resulting in the desired shape, dimensions and proportionality.

  1. Face and Cheek Lifting – A procedure which raises the upper part of the face and is the most crucial part in lifting the entire face and cheek grooves.
  2. Slimmer Face – High cheekbones are adjusted to be dimensional in shape, so that they will not appear proportionately large. No surgery and bone sharpening is involved in this treatment. Through changing the dimension of the cheekbone, it results in a more definitive shape of the overall appearance of an individual’s facial aesthetics.
  3. Contour Cheek Bone/Correct Under Eye Hollowness – The adjustment of flat cheekbones and added dimensions are undertaken to this facial feature. It results in the appearance of younger viewing cheekbones and is also known as the Ogee Curve.
  4. Treat Smile Lines – Filling in the missing grooves of the cheek eliminates the causes of deep creases and gives the skin a more appealing presentation.
  5. Lift Mouth Corners and Lines Around Mouth – Lifting the corners of the mouth that has fallen which appears weary, thus creating a brighter and happier smile.
  6. Contour and Make More Defined Jaw Line – For the appearance of plump looking skin, the grooves near the corner of the mouth or marionette lines are filled in.
  7. Treat Cheek Hollowness and to Look Younger – Adjusting the facial structure to create a more defined appearance. By connecting the depressed skin between the chin and cheeks, it lifts the layer of fat to enhance the facial structure of the individual.
  8. Correct Face Sagging and Create More Contour V Shape of Face – Lifting the layer of fat within the cheeks to reveal the attractive appearance of an individual’s facial features. The benefits of this treatment include a sharper facial and slimmer feature.

Ulthera Lifting the Face and Neck Muscles Within the SMAS Layer

Ulthera lifting ultrasound wave is a highly intensive focused technology that is undertaken without the use of invasive surgery and is US FDA approved. This advanced technology sends ultrasound waves directly to the SMAS layer and boosts the production of collagen for the tightening of the skin, creating a smooth skin texture. Loose skin originates within the SMAS layer between the fat and muscle tissues. The SMAS layer is a thick connective tissue, and over a while, this deteriorates. Therefore, it is vital that the utilisation of the ultrasound wave technology focuses on stimulating the SMAS layer to restore the connective tissue, the tightness and suppleness of the skin.

The results?

  • Increased production of collagen underneath the skin will restore tightness and firmer skin
  • Reduce and smoothen wrinkles on the neck and underneath the chin
  • Face adjustments for tighter shape proportions
  • Lifted eyebrows and droopy eyelids are improved
  • Long term results after only one treatment
  • Limited pain involved during the treatment
  • No downtime required and no risk of scarring

Filler in Reinforcing the Facial Bone Structure to Add Shape and Dimension

  • Increase the appeal and attractiveness of an individual’s face through adding shape and dimension to the facial bone structure.
  • The bones in the forehead region cause bumps and will reduce in size or lose its sharpness on the face.
  • The bones situated at the top of the eyebrows will begin to expand in a diagonal direction causing depth within the eye socket region, and the edges of the eyebrows will begin to wilt.
  • The face becomes increasingly prone to wrinkles around the cheek region, once the cheekbones start to sink down.
  • The bones at the bridge of the nose will sink in, giving the impression that it appears longer than normal.

The HA Filler substance can be injected into the bone layer including the forehead, orbital, cheekbone and cheek groove regions to replace the missing bone. The characteristics of the HA Filler is similar to a supporting pillar of strength and equally resistant to bone density. This treatment seeks to resolve the missing facial bone structure of an individual’s face. The outcome of this treatment is gaining a full, flexible and bright look with satisfying results.

The results?

The facial bone structure underneath the skin will become stronger. Treatment will take into consideration facial aesthetic issues including sunken cheeks, deep orbital areas, cheek grooves and facial creases. The HA Filler treatment is highly safe and conducted to a quality standard by BSL Clinic’s professionally experienced dermatologists. The following are the results gained after treatment:

  • A naturally younger appearance
  • Tighter skin
  • Proportions that compliments an individual’s facial shape
  • Mending the defects of an individual’s face
  • Highlighting the beauty and uniqueness of an individual’s facial aesthetics
  • Limited pain and with no downtime required
  • No surgery required and therefore no risks of scarring in the long-term