Forehead Design

An individual’s forehead is measured from the hairlines to the eyebrows. The wrinkles, deep creases, sunken marks on the forehead, which are also dull and unaligned aesthetically with the remainder of the face, may be issues of concern for individuals seeking treatment. BSL Clinic has the expertise and experience in uniquely designing the shape of the forehead, resulting in a more attractive, curved and smoother appearance. The size of the forehead will be in proportion with the eyebrows, nose and chin. The overall aesthetics of the face will also be more balanced, creating an attractive look for the individual.

Treatment Method

BSL Clinic’s dermatologists begin their treatments by targeting wrinkles either at the surface layer of the skin or muscles. The inner layer of fat is then adjusted, with the positive outcome of a brighter, smoother and an attractive forehead.

A Smooth, Charming and Curved Forehead, Beautifully Proportionate Without Wrinkles

A significant issue in relation to the forehead is an uneven, dull, and wrinkled appearance. The forehead may consist of dent or sunken marks caused by the missing fat or poor bone structure.

Treatment Method

BSL Clinic utilises a technique that involves filling of an HA Filler into the inner layer underneath the tissue surrounding the bone. The forehead becomes more aesthetically appealing.  There are various advantages to the utilisation of an HA Filler, including:

  • There are no appearances of dent or sunken marks on the forehead.
  • The skin will appear evenly toned and levelled in the overall aesthetics of the face.