Facial Redness (Rosacea), Red Birthmarks, Spider and Leg Veins

BSL Clinic utilises 2 types of vascular lasers, including the Lumenis IPL and the Cutera CoolGlide Vantage to treat various skin conditions including facial redness (rosacea), red birthmarks, spider and leg veins. These skin conditions are commonly found in patients suffering from thin and sensitive skin. Minimising the excess red blood cell vessels not only reduces the effects but prevents the reoccurrence of these skin conditions by strengthening the layer of skin. The surrounding skin tissue is not affected as the laser precision can accurately target the problem area. Furthermore, collagen in the dermis layer of skin is produced from the laser energy. BSL Clinic also uses a range of Skinesia products to aid in the reduction of skin inflammation and irritability. There are no hazardous substances that can affect the skin through the application of this product. The skin care product enhances the treated layer of skin to become stronger, healthier and well-hydrated.

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