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Cheek Lifting and Tightening

Cheek grooves occur due the missing fat underneath the surface layer of the skin or through the facial muscle movements including smiling, speaking or yawning. A cheek groove line begins to appear from the side of the nose to the end of the lips. On the other hand, the appearance of the marionette line occurs from the corner of the mouth towards the chin. It gives the individual an impression of being older than they actually are.

BSL Clinic combines a range of treatment methods after determining the scale of the issue. A dermatologist first undertakes an initial assessment of the targeted area, analyses it and establishes the most effective treatment option. The Clinic’s treatment method adheres to the following sequence to treat the cheek grooves, including:

  • R 1 = Reposition – Lifting the Cheeks
  • R 2 = Restoration – Filling Volume to the Face
  • R 3 = Regeneration – Increasing the Production of New Collagen

R 1 = Reposition – Lifting the Cheeks

  1. Face and Cheek Lifting – A procedure which raises the upper part of the face and is the most crucial part in lifting the entire face and cheek grooves.
  2. Slimmer Face – High cheekbones are adjusted to be dimensional in shape, so that they will not appear proportionately large. No surgery and bone sharpening is involved in this treatment. Through changing the dimension of the cheekbone, it results in a more definitive shape of the overall appearance of an individual’s facial aesthetics.
  3. Contour Cheek Bone/Correct Under Eye Hollowness – The adjustment of flat cheekbones and added dimensions are undertaken to this facial feature. It results in the appearance of younger viewing cheekbones and is also known as the Ogee Curve.
  4. Treat Smile Lines – Filling in the missing grooves of the cheek eliminates the causes of deep creases and gives the skin a more appealing presentation.
  5. Lift Mouth Corners and Lines Around Mouth – Lifting the corners of the mouth that has fallen which appears weary, thus creating a brighter and happier smile.
  6. Contour and Make More Defined Jaw Line – For the appearance of plump looking skin, the grooves near the corner of the mouth or marionette lines are filled in.
  7. Treat Cheek Hollowness and to Look Younger – Adjusting the facial structure to create a more defined appearance. By connecting the depressed skin between the chin and cheeks, it lifts the layer of fat to enhance the facial structure of the individual.
  8. Correct Face Sagging and Create More Contour V Shape of Face – Lifting the layer of fat within the cheeks to reveal the attractive appearance of an individual’s facial features. The benefits of this treatment include a sharper facial and slimmer feature.

R 2 = Restoration – Filling Volume to the Face

An HA Filler is utilised for the purpose of filling and adjusting the dimensions of the flat cheekbones.  It results in the appearance of younger viewing cheekbones and is also known as the Ogee Curve. The outcome is tighter skin which in turn creates an overall smooth appearance blending in with the other facial features, resulting in the desired shape, dimensions and proportionality.

R 3 = Regeneration – Increasing the Production of New Collagen

The significant decrease in the production of collagen and elastin creates the appearance of cheek grooves. Radio Frequency (RF) treatment can be utilised to increase collagen levels, which results in the reduction in appearance of cheek grooves, marionette lines and wrinkle formations.

Treatment Method – Cheek Grooves

Cheek grooves can be treated through reinforcing the structure of the skin surrounding it. An HA Filler is used to add volume to the cheek grooves to produce effective long-term results. The issue of cheek grooves is separated into 2 types and include the following:

  1. Cheek grooves that are not deep or wide are treated with an HA Filler. The HA Filler adds volume to both sides of the nose cartilage, reinforcing the structure of the skin in the groove. The treatment lifts the cheek grooves, resulting in healthier smoother looking skin.
  2. Cheek grooves that are deep and wide can extend to the edges of the mouth. A treatment method involving a rounded tip needle called a cannula is undertaken for injecting fillers. It is a blunt sterile and a single-use needle is used to inject the volume into the cheek grooves to create skin firmness and a more natural look. The benefits of this method are the significant reduction in bruising and swelling post-treatment and patient’s comfortability is highly improved during the procedure.

Treatment Method – Marionette Lines

Marionette lines occur from the edge of the mouth to the chin and are mostly found in people between the ages of 40 to 60 years. Treatment focuses on utilising an HA Filler, which is used to lift the edges of the mouth, improving the overall aesthetics of the face. The jawline area is filled for improved dimension, while grooves are removed and the fat is lifted and tightened.