Spider and Varicose Veins

Spider and varicose veins are situated underneath the skin of the legs. This is due to the deterioration of valves in the leg veins. Spider and varicose veins appear inflamed, woven and dark in the colour of purple or blue.

Individual results may vary.

Causes of Spider and Varicose Leg Veins

  • Prolong sitting and standing due to lifestyle choices or work environments
  • Lifestyle choices involving no exercise, poor intake of nutritional foods and irregular sleep patterns
  • Pregnant women with the additional weight carrying over an extensive period, placing an increase amount of pressure on their leg capillaries and veins
  • Family genetics
  • Ageing
  • Hormonal changes
  • Limited body movements resulting in obesity
  • Increasing pressure on the legs (e.g. lifting heavy objects on a continuous basis)
  • Wearing high heels restricting efficient blood flow to the legs
Treatment Goals
The severity of spider and varicose veins must first be examined, to determine the type of treatment required. The following are the two main types of treatments undertaken:
  1. Conservative Treatment
  2. Specific Treatment

1. Conservative Treatment

The treatment focuses on preventing the risk of developing spider and varicose veins in the legs. The use of quality compression stockings at 20 to 30mmHg prevents the build-up of pressure leading to the enlargement of spider and varicose veins in the legs. For varicose veins at the lower legs, thigh-high compression stockings are required. On the other hand, hip-high compression stockings are required for varicose veins at both the lower legs and thigh for full support.

2. Specific Treatment

The treatment is effective in completely removing the occurrence of both the spider and varicose veins in the legs. The treatment outcomes reveal a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and increases functionality of the legs. There are two different methods of specific treatment available, which comprises the utilisation of Sclerotherapy and Vascular lasers.

Individual results may vary.

2.1. Sclerotherapy

This particular treatment involves injecting sclerosing agents into the leg veins, to eliminate the spider and varicose conditions. The treatment is a non-invasive procedure with no required downtime and limited pain involved. The procedure undertaken by BSL Clinic’s dermatologists takes between 15 to 30mins, and normally requires 3 to 5 sessions to complete the treatment. The treatment results can be clearly seen, with 90% reduction in spider and varicose veins.

Individual results may vary.

2.2. Vascular Laser

The utilisation of the Vascular laser including the Lumenis IPL and the Cutera CoolGlide Vantage involves directly targeting the vein with the aim of eliminating it. The results lead to the disappearance of the spider and varicose veins. It is a non-invasive treatment method, therefore there is no consequence of scarring and no required downtime.

Post-Treatment Aftercare

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Do not stand for prolonged periods between 3 to 7 days
  • Wear loose fitting clothing
  • Implement supportive measures of the treated area
  • Regular exercise e.g. walking
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment between 2 to 4 weeks after treatment

The results?

Individual results may vary.
Individual results may vary.
Individual results may vary.