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Stress and Skin

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Psycho-dermatology Interventions

Stress can increase the risk of skin and nail conditions.  Stress:
  • Aggravates psoriasis or rosacea creating inflamed acne lesions.
  • Causes nails to become brittle resulting in hair loss, hives and excessive perspiration.
  • Increases fever blisters, seborrheic dermatitis, irritants, allergens and infectious agents.
  • Impairs skin barrier functions.
  • Dehydrates the skin.
  • Makes individuals neglect their skin care due to lack of energy and motivation.
  • Instigates certain undesirable behaviours including scratching, pulling or rubbing.
To successfully care for stress-related dermatology conditions, the utilisation of traditional aesthetic treatments should be undertaken in conjunction with stress management therapies.

Cosmetic interventions

Skin rejuvenation procedures have been shown to significantly improve a person’s outward appearance. These types of cosmetic interventions have positive effects on how people feel and function. People who feel more attractive and confident in their appearance tend to perform better in all aspects of their lives including their work, family, social, marriage and personal relationships.
In a 2008 study designed to measure the positive ripple effects of botulinum toxin injections on the beneficial aspects of patient’s lives, it found that those treated with Botulinum clearly experienced positive outcomes. The key findings include the following:
  • 29% reported feeling less anxious.
  • 36% feel more relaxed.
  • 49% were more optimistic.
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