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Sexy Lips

Patients desiring naturally attractive and fuller lips can seek professional treatment at BSL Clinic. The non-invasive treatment utilises an HA Filler injection to create those sexy lips. The shape of the lips can convey vast emotions that gives you either a dull or vibrant look.

The Non-Invasive Treatment for Naturally Fuller Lips

Individual results may vary.

Through the ageing process, the sharpness of the lip lines become dull and thinner. BSL Clinic dermatologists are highly experienced in creating and transforming the shape of the lips to appear fuller and sharper.

Individual results may vary.

Elements of Beautiful Lips

Attractive and sexy lips – shaped in a cupid’s bow. Fuller and smoother lips that are not too thick or thin. The lip lines are sharp, round and beautifully shaped. BSL Clinic’s dermatologists conduct an assessment and evaluate a patient’s requirements before commencing treatment.

Fontal View: Features of Ideal Lips

  • A 1/3 height ratio on the upper lip.
  • A 2/3 ratio on the lower lip.
  • The edges of the lips appear sharp similar to a cupid’s bow, which bends and surrounds the outline of the lips.

Side View: Features of Ideal Lips

  • The philtrum is the groove on top of the lip, the line that connects to the end of the nose to the upper lip.
  • The lower lip should appear more protruded than the upper lip at approximately 1 to 2mm.
  • The upper lip should be thinner than the lower lip.

Lip adjustment involves imagining a straight line to measure the proportion from the tip of the nose, lip and chin to create the balanced dimensions.

  • The lower lip should only protrude more than the upper lip at 1 to 2mm. This is the line between the tip of the nose to the apex of the chin.
  • From the upper lip, the line should be at a distance of approximately 4mm and the lower lip should be apart by 2mm.

The 8 Steps to Sexy Lips

The lips connect between the tip of the nose to the apex of the chin. It would appear odd if the upper and lower lips are substantially separated. An HA Filler is utilised to adjust the shape of the lips to appear fuller and proportionate. The HA Filler is injected into the middle part of the lips for a more defined and an attractive appearance.

  • Step 1 – lip augmentation creates a fuller lip appearance.
  • Step 2 – forming a cupid’s bow by adjusting the upper lip, with a round and defined shape. The edges also bend slightly upwards, which adds shape and definition to the lips.
  • Step 3 – adding definition and sharpness to the border of the lips.
  • Step 4 – adding dimension to the middle of the mouth, to produce a horn chestnut shaped lip appearance.
  • Step 5 – creating a lower lip that is fuller, moist and plump in appearance.
  • Step 6 – adjusting the corners of the mouth that have fallen. The utilisation of two types of treatments are carried out. Firstly, adjustments are made to the lip dimensions by lifting the muscles. Secondly, pure muscle relaxing proteins reduce muscles from overworking.
  • Step 7 – the philtrum is adjusted for a more defined, attractive and youthful appearance.
  • Step 8 – wrinkles around the lips are reduced through injecting a purified muscle relaxing protein. An HA Filler is also utilised for a smoother look, while eliminating wrinkles around the lips.