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BSL Clinic’s Visions

The foundations of BSL Clinic came from an aspiration of fulfilling the desires for happiness of their patients.  BSL Clinic notably adheres to the highest internationally recognised medical standards and ethics and provides exceptional care to their patients. The Clinic’s dedication is to continuously offer world-class treatments that deliver positive results and experiences to their patients. It seeks to generate high quality individualised aesthetic treatment plans. BSL Clinic has absolute determination in turning its visions and aspirations into reality. It has already created profound impacts presently seen within the dermatology community.

BSL Clinic’s Mission

BSL Clinic aspires to fulfil the desires of their patients through adhering to the highest internationally recognised medical standards and ethics in the dermatology specialty. BSL Clinic’s long-term goals and achievements are to establish the patient’s values, purposes, increase their self-confidence, improve their overall quality and to live a meaningful fulfilled life. It aims to:

  1. Conduct highly professional skin and laser aesthetic treatments based on scientific research and trials. Medical staff are required to undergo continuing professional development (CPD) through readings of various high-level journals including the Surgical and Cosmetic Dermatology, Lasers in Medical Science, Laser Europe conference, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS).
  2. Create individualised aesthetic treatment plans for patients attending BSL Clinic. It also seeks to generate inspirations for their patients in fulfilling their desires and achieving their goals. BSL Clinic’s dermatologists understands the importance of a patient’s individuality and unique personal characteristics and therefore caters explicitly to each patient’s aesthetic goals and aspirations.
  3. Maintain safety through upholding the highest internationally recognised medical standards and ethics when offering exceptional services and care in treating their patients. Infection control procedures are accurately undertaken at all times to ensure that medical equipment is absolutely safe.
  4. Build rapport based on trust between BSL Clinic’s dermatologists and their patients. BSL Clinic is a global leader in the treatment of personal aesthetics and it continuously maintains a firm reputation in the dermatology community through their professional expertise and utilisation of advanced skin laser technologies.

BSL Clinic’s Services

Facial Aesthetic Design


BSL Clinic is well-recognised and an award-winning skin and laser aesthetic practice. Specific individualised treatment plans are devised to meet the needs and requirements of their patients. BSL Clinic’s knowledgeable and highly experienced dermatologists utilise high quality facial aesthetic practices to artistically create a unique and natural appearance to the satisfaction of the individual patients. One of BSL Clinic’s top priorities in undertaking facial aesthetic practices is maintaining safety to the highest standards.

Skin and Hair


BSL Clinic’s dermatologists are highly knowledgeable, well-trained with extensive skills and experiences to proficiently and competently treat and to help their patients achieve their aesthetic needs and requirements. BSL Clinic’s dermatologists hold memberships of various associations in which they are given exclusive access to attend a wide range of practical workshops. This continuing professional development program is to enhance their specialised skills and personal development within their areas of expertise. BSL Clinic’s dermatologists have established a solid foundation within the industry based on their patient’s highly-satisfied treatment results.



Anti-ageing practices involve the rejuvenation of a patient’s skin deterioration and to in turn create a natural appearance outcome for the patient. It will give the patient a renewed sense and an increase in self-confidence and esteem. This treatment reverses the ageing process, eliminates dry and loose skin and replaces the body with smooth, bright and clear skin. This aesthetic practice aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and longevity.

Body Contouring and Weight Loss


BSL Clinic’s dermatologists utilises a combination of advanced laser technologies to meet their patient’s needs and requirements. BSL Clinic’s body contouring and weight loss care provide the patient’s opportunities to fast-track their fitness goals. It gives patients the motivation and confidence to reach their long-term optimal weight loss targets through establishing a positive outlook. The high-quality results produced will provide the individual patient clarity and insight to lead a healthy lifestyle based on exercise, nutritional food consumption, which will aid in the elimination of toxins from the body. 

BSL Clinic's Dermatologists

Awards and Certificates

Awards and Certificates

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