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Accure Laser

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The brilliant solution that outsmarts stubborn breakouts, providing dramatic results with a fast and non-systemic solution to acne.

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You are not alone in facing an acne problem since acne is the most common skin condition, with 750 million people around the world affected by it. Beyond what you can see, acne can also cause depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Furthermore, acne can leave permanent scars on the patient’s skin. However, current treatment options leave many people with acne unsatisfied.

We would love to provide you with the best choice to treat acne efficiently at BSL Clinic.


The Accure Acne Laser treatment is a non-ablative device that treats acne at the source by reducing the activity of oil glands. The Accure Acne Laser System is FDA-cleared for treating mild to severe inflammatory acne vulgaris on the face and body. Designed by and for dermatologists, the Accure treatment goes beyond the ordinary, delivering a transformative approach toward clear skin. The Accure laser can significantly improve mild to moderate acne without downtime in just a few quick treatment sessions.

How does acne form?

Sebum is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands under the skin to help maintain skin health and protect your skin from drying out. However, overproduction of sebum caused by hormonal changes, genetics, and environmental factors can cause acne.


How does Accure Laser work?

The Accure Laser, with its 1726 nm wavelength and proprietary “treat-to-temperature” algorithm, is designed with safety in mind. It effectively targets overactive sebaceous glands, a root cause of acne, while preserving the surrounding healthy skin. The forced-air cooling system further enhances its safety and effectiveness.

Benefits of Accure Laser

Reduce inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne

Decrease sebum production

Improve overall skin tone and texture

Provide long-lasting acne clearance

Accure patients see a noticeable reduction in acne after just one treatment and an average 70% reduction after four treatments.

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of patients are satisfied with their result from Accure Laser treatment.


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Perform the treatment by a team of certified dermatologists with experience treating tens of thousands of acne cases.

Over 35 years of experience treating acne with acne laser by using lasers approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (U.S. FDA Approved).

BSL can treat all types of acne in all skin types, all nationalities, and all skin tones. We have experience and expertise in treating acne among patients of various skin tones and nationalities.

All patients who come for acne treatment at the BSL clinic have good results and their acne all improved.

Accure is a treatment that treats all types of acne and all skin problems. It uses the latest acne laser treatment, which provides a safe and long-lasting result.

Accure can improve resistant acne that hasn’t responded well to topicals or oral medications.

Accure is a treatment option for acne patients who do not want to take medicine or who have health conditions that prevent them from taking medicine, such as those with congenital disease, young patients, and patients concerned about side effects.

Accure is a treatment suitable for patients who want to treat their acne in the long term and prevent it from recurring.

Accure is an easy and painless treatment with faster healing times. It is suitable for patients who want to treat acne and get rid of it without downtime and do not want to have redness after treatment.

Accure is a treatment suitable for patients who want their acne to subside and heal quickly without side effects.

Accure is a treatment that can treat all areas affected by acne, including the face and body.

Pre-treatment preparations for Accure Laser

There are no pre-treatment preparations for the Accure Laser. You can immediately consult with a certified dermatologist specializing in acne treatment and be treated with the Accure Laser to get clearer skin and a healthier appearance.

Reactions and feelings during doing Accure Laser

During the treatment, you may experience a slight discomfort while the laser is working on the target area. However, integrated cooling and topical anesthetic keep you comfortable. Many patients said they do not feel any pain because the energy is released beneath the skin and does not harm the upper or surrounding skin.



After the Accure Laser treatment, you may notice some slight redness in the treated area. However, this is normal and should subside quickly. You can usually return to your normal activities without any downtime needed.


How many times should the treatment be performed?

The result of the treatment can be seen after the first session. For the best results, it’s recommended to undergo the Accure Laser treatment four times, with a 4-week break in between each session. This advice is based on the experience of dermatologists who specialize in acne treatment.


Dr Wipanee Akarapusit, M.D.

Dermatologist Specialized in Dermatologic Surgery and Laser

Dr. Wipanee Akarapusit, M.D., is a well-experienced dermatologist who is trained and certified in dermatology surgery and laser to perform procedures safely in the specialist field of dermatology. Dr. Wipanee specializes in dermatology, skin assessment, skin lasers, facial design, and body contouring.

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