Acne Scarring and Blemish Treatment

     Individual results may vary.


BSL Clinic conducts their acne treatment without the use of chemically enhanced drugs that can cause skin irritation to be dry, red and sensitive. The emphasis on safety is vital when undertaking skin rejuvenation, and the positive treatment results are long-term.

     Individual results may vary.


Causes of Acne

 Clogging of pores

 Increase production of oil within the sebaceous glands


 Hormonal changes


The 4 Principles to Acne Treatment




Assist in the Prevention of Clog Build-up

To smoothen and create healthy looking skin through the rejuvenation of tightening the pores. 


Reduce the Sebaceous Gland

BSL Clinic’s dermatologists utilise an advanced laser technology that targets the sebaceous gland explicitly. 


Minimise Acne Bacteria

BSL Clinic formulated their medications through ongoing research and development to eliminate bacteria, the cause of acne inflammation. 


Decrease Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are treated to reduce the causes of acne.

     Individual results may vary.


LED Light Therapy: Its Effectiveness

LED light therapy is a safe method used to treat skin conditions. The creation of new skin cells is stimulated through the concentration of direct intense pulsed light (IPL) targeting areas of the body.  Various coloured wavelengths are utilised to treat different skin conditions, including:

• Chronic acne
• Dark spots
• Wrinkles
• Skin diseases
• Dull skin
• Sensitive skin
• Artery issues
• Skin inflammation caused by injuries


     Individual results may vary.
Acne Light Therapy


Acne Light Therapy

Acne Light Therapy utilises a red light with a wavelength of 633 nanometres for the treatment of acne related skin conditions. The wavelength can resist acne bacteria, where inflammation is the primary cause. While the inflammation of acne is reduced, face oiliness is also minimised. Through this therapy, the stimulation of skin cells generates the creation of collagen to allow the skin to heal itself. Red light therapy is most suitable for chronic, lesion or antibiotic resistance acne. For useful results, consistent treatment of red LED is required to improve acne conditions and to restore the skin overall. 


The results?


A patient presented to BSL Clinic’s dermatologists with a sizeable cystic acne inflammatory condition on her cheekbones. She had sensitive, itchy and inflammatory skin, and when her skin was exposed to direct sunlight, it would become red and itchy. The patient had undergone treatments at other skin clinics, and the results were unsatisfactory because the skin conditions did not improve even some time had passed. 


Individual result may vary.


The patient received BSL Clinic’s skin rejuvenation treatment, and after a month, the patient’s skin became healthy, and the inflammation, itchiness and skin sensitivity disappeared, with no visible scarring or acne inflammation. 


BSL Clinic’s dermatologists have the vast experience, knowledge and skill sets to effectively utilise specific advanced laser technologies to successfully treat the skin conditions. For effective results, it is vital that the patient seeks treatment from highly qualified dermatologists with specific experiences and knowledge in understanding and utilisations of each advanced laser technology. Potential patients must strongly consider these points carefully in choosing their treatment options, to achieve successful results. Both past and present patients of BSL Clinic have had positive treatment experiences through satisfactory results. BSL Clinic patient’s testimonials can be directly viewed on its website.

Released From a 9-Year Acne Cycle

     Individual results may vary.


Ms A had acne and sensitive skin conditions. Each day, she would spend a lot of time applying make-up to cover her acne scarring before leaving her home. She was depressed, had a poor self-image, low self-confidence and esteem. Ms A’s wedding day was fast approaching and the surprising fact was that she had not once revealed to her boyfriend without make-up on. Due to the embarrassment and increased anxiety of her acne scarring, she would avoid meeting up with friends. Ms A was desperate to be rid of the concerns about her acne scarring prior to the wedding day. She wanted to be the beautiful bride on her big day! She also did not want to hide her natural face from her boyfriend, but to reveal who she truly was. 


Individual result may vary.


Before Treatment

Ms A presented herself to BSL Clinic with acne conditions including black and red blemishes, with thin, flaky and sensitive skin. 


Individual result may vary.


After Treatment

The presence of healthier and smoother skin is highly visible, without blemishes and acne scarring. Acne growth and appearance had ended.



BSL Clinic's Signature Acne Treatment

Individual result may vary.


Before Treatment: Acne and Black Blemishes

Mr Adisorn had long-term acne and black blemish skin conditions and had sought treatment at other clinics with unsatisfactory outcomes. A friend introduced Mr Adisorn to the services provided by BSL Clinic. He soon discovered the “signature acne treatment” that was offered by the Clinic. The specific method utilised to treat acne, minimise black blemishes and form new skin cells is through the method of light therapy. This particular treatment is a long-term solution to being free from acne. 


Individual result may vary.

Before and After Treatment


Individual result may vary.

Before and After Treatment

After 4 sessions with BSL Clinic’s signature treatment in eliminating acne and reducing black blemishes. 


Acne is Treatable at BSL Clinic


Individual result may vary.


Before and After Treatment

Mr Potchara had an issue with acne related skin conditions, the root causes of which are identified. The elimination of inflammation, clogging and acne bacteria follows.  


Individual result may vary.


The occurrence of acne is caused by clogged pores. Consultation with BSL Clinic should be sought out to achieve satisfactory results of eliminating inflammation, black blemishes and acne scarring. 


Individual result may vary.


Self-confidence will return once acne has disappeared. 


Renewed Confidence After Acne Treatment


     Individual results may vary.


Mr Tae lost his self-confidence and has avoided social situations because of acne appearing on his face. His mother advised him to schedule an appointment with BSL Clinic to seek treatment for his acne skin related condition. Since Mr Tae’s treatment has ended, he has developed a renewed sense of self-confidence and is able to envisage a brighter future. 

(Note: BSL Clinic would like to thank all patients for permitting the Clinic to share the treatment information concerning their skin conditions).