Sexy Lips

  Individual results may vary.

Have you ever wanted a horn chestnut-shaped lips? Or a full and inviting look on your lips showing attractiveness and sexiness? Give your lips lively, no matter what lipstick brand, colors, giving a unique attractiveness that only you can have. Change your sweet looks to be livelier by adjusting the lips and more importantly, there is no need for any surgery. All we do is increase the size to give you a fuller and inviting look to your lips with our filler that is HA (Hyaluronic acid) which is very safe.

“The lips” are one of the key features on your face, since in one day, we will use the mouth the most in communication. Because of this, you can also say that your lip is the windows of your look, the shape of the lip can convey emotions and feelings such as drooping mouth corner make you look sad, and a sulking lips make you constantly look angry.





  Individual results may vary.


          Changing the shape. When some people get older, the sharpness of the lip lines will be dimmer and the lips will also get thinner at the same time or some people may also have an already thin looking lip, and we can fix that by changing the shape of the lip to look fuller, and give a sharper look to your lip lines.



  Individual results may vary.

Changing emotion. Such as drooping mouth corner will make you look sad, and sulking lips will make you look angry or unhappy all the time, we can change that to make you feel look like a new and livelier person, friendlier happy as well as younger than your current age.



  Individual results may vary.

  1. A sexy and attractive lip shape, with a cupid’s bow like shape. The lips will look full, smooth, not too thick and not too thin.
  2. The lip lines must be sharp, round and beautiful. The mouth corner has to be slightly raised up to give the feeling that you are always smiling and happy.



The way to adjust the lips to look full depends on the original lip tissue of the patient, whether there is a large or small amount. The doctor will evaluate each patient lip’s shape along with other factors whether it would be nose or chin to aim for a perfect proportion. The popularity of each style differs from race such as Asian, Caucasian and others, for example Asian tend to like thinner lips, while Caucasian like bigger, fuller and plumper lips.

Individual results may vary.

In a frontal view, what is the ideal lips features?

  • A 1/3 height ratio on the upper lip and a 2/3 ratio on the lower lip.
  • The edges of the lips are sharp like a cupid bow which bends and surrounds the lip’s border beautifully.

Individual results may vary.


In a side view, what is the ideal lips features?

  • The groove on the top of the lip (Philtrum) which is the line that connects the end of the nose to the upper lip. There should be sharpness and visible lines to show youth.
  • The lower lip should be more protruded than upper lip around 1-2 millimeters and the upper lip should be thinner than the lower lip.


Individual results may vary.


To achieve a good adjustment of the lip, we will use imagining straight line to measure the proportion from the nose tip ,lip ,chin to create dimension in the area. By using these measurements, the lower lip should poke out more than the upper lip 1-2 millimeters only, this is the only line between the nose tip to apex of the chin. This line should be distance of around 4 millimeters from upper lip and the lower lip should also be separated by 2 millimeters apart.


        The lip is the connecting part between the nose tip and apex of the chin, if the upper and lower lip is separated too much, it may look odd. This is why we can adjust the shape with our filler (HA) to make your lips look full, beautiful and have more dimension. Each age group will have a different preference of the lip style they want. In Teenagers      

     The most popular style for teenagers is thin lips, not too thick as they want sharpness in the looks which makes you feel slightly sexier. We will add filler on the middle part of lips and lip’s border to make it really defined, attractive and look alluring. This will change the lip shape to look better, mouth looks sexier and the middle of the lip being nice. In middle aged citizens      

    The problem that this age may experience is more significant thinner lip, drooping of mouth’s corner and perioral wrinkles which are signs of aging and result in tired and sad-looking face. The concept of treatment is to adjust that by making the lip look fuller naturally, correct lines around mouth and lift the mouth corner while also making you look younger and happier (with more beautiful smile) in the process while also adding flexibility to your lips. As we get older, our gum and teeth will progressively recess, the mouth corner will also drop and perioral winkles is more appealing. The sharpness of the lips will start to disappear and the Philtrum will also consistently get flatter and smaller which is a sign that we are getting older make you look tired and sad, and wondering how to look lively again.

Individual results may vary.


Point 1: Lip augmentation will make the lip look fuller, and the upper lip will also look fuller, giving more mouth tissue (fill every lip both teenagers and adults), fill more amount at this point for the adults or with people with thinner lip.

Point 2: Building a cupid’s bow is by adjusting the upper lip to have a shape of cupid’s arrow, which is a round and defined shape. The edges will also bend slightly upwards, this is to add shape and definition to the lips, which is an important point in attracting and adding charm to your speech.

Point 3: Adding definition and sharpness to the lip border.

Point 4:  The way to make your lips look like horn chestnut shape is adding dimension to the middle of the mouth, it is a way of adjusting.

Point 5: Making your lower lip look fuller, moister, correct wrinkles and more pump.

Point 6: Adjusting the mouth’s corners that have fallen, we will use two techniques together to treat this, the first is by adjusting the dimensions to lift up by pulling up muscle. Secondly, pure muscle relaxing protein which reduces the work of muscle that pulling down the skin, then help muscles to rise at the same time. Giving a lively and smiling look to your face, no sadness, less worry look. (same as using fingers to lift up muscle at mouth corner that can make mouth’s corners lift up naturally)

Point 7: The Philtrum will be adjusted to be more defined, more beautiful and more attractive giving a younger look for your face.

Point 8: Reducing wrinkles around your lips, these wrinkles are easily visible when we making the “u” sound. Our purified muscle relaxing protein will get rid of the wrinkles and we will also use filler it in to make the lips look smoother while also erasing wrinkles around lip.



Individual results may vary.

       For men, there is a need to make the lips look charming when talking and discussing, not a thick looking lip, not too big or small while also avoiding shapes that might be girl-like. Thus, the lips of men will be adjusted to look thinner, and adding more dimension that give charm and friendly looking lips.