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Liposuction Treatment

Fat cells underneath the surface layer of the skin are generally unchangeable. Due to congested fatty acids, these cells expand in size. Liposuction pulls the fat cell from underneath the surface layer of the skin. The liposuction technology utilises a small tube that is connected to an extracting machine. It functions by piercing the surface of the skin, pulling out the unwanted fat cells. Liposuction is a method of removing excess fat quickly and immediately. 

Liposuction can be utilised on the many body areas including the chin, neck, cheek, hip, abdominals, waist, knees, thighs and arms. Undertaking liposuction is most suitable on younger than older patients because of the former’s skin elasticity. However, that does not mean it cannot be done on the latter. After liposuction treatment, the skin will recover and remain firm. The treatment of small targeted sites requires only local anaesthetic. On the other hand, larger targeted areas require both general and regional anaesthetics. Side effects may occur from the liposuction treatment and these include numbness and ecchymosis. Any appearance of infection can be treated with antibiotics. It is important that the potential patients schedule a consultation with their dermatologist to seek further advice or information regarding their concerns with the liposuction treatment. 

Implemented Regulations After Liposuction Treatment

After completion of liposuction treatment, the wounds are covered by tape or firmly bandaged for the purpose of lifting the skin for 5 to 7 days. However, the cast for the surface of the abdominals is to be covered between 2 to 4 weeks for lifting the body. Normally, it takes between 3 to 4 days for smaller wounds from the liposuction treatment to quickly heal, allowing patients to return to their daily lives. Exercise should be avoided within the first 3 to 4 weeks of treatment to allow for overall recovery of the body.

Article By
Dr Wutinan Sithipolvanichgul, M.D.
BSL Clinic’s Dermatologist

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