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BSL Clinic,  we only choose the highest, latest, and safest world standard technology


More than 95% of patients are satisfied with the treatment result. Because at  BSL Clinic,  we only choose the highest, latest, and safest world standard technology for our patients and provide the treatments by our certified and experienced dermatologists.

Facial Injection 01
Facial Injection 02
Facial Injection 03

Facial Injection

Reveal the glower and younger skin by removing facial lines and wrinkles with Filler and Anti-wrinkles injection treatments. Giving the treatments with BSL’s special and unique treatment techniques by our experienced and certified dermatologists that will make your skin looking naturally younger immediately after the treatment.

Lifting & Tightening 01

Lifting & Tightening

We lift and tighten sagging facial skin with the best technology combination technique to comprehensively cover the problems of sagging facial skin such as drooping cheeks, blurred jawlines, double chin and neck wattle. After the treatment, patients will feel that their facial skin becomes lifted, firmed, and beautified without invasive surgery.


Skin Laser

Patients can possess bright, glow and smooth looking skin thanks to BSL’s advance laser technology,  which nurtures their skin, making it look radiant and smoothIt eliminates dark spots, scars, capillaries, moles, speckles, and other skin imperfections. They will have healthier skin and relatively better skin quality after the treatment.

Injections 01
Injections 02
Injections 03


To have long lasting good skin and an attractive healthy body, you deserve special care.  At BSL, we provide many popular treatment procedures that can help restore and nourish the skin deeply at the cellular level.

Body Contouring 01
Body Contouring 02
Body Contouring 03

Body Contouring

Your gorgeous body makes you obsessed with fashion! Raising up happiness and making life more colorful!  If you are upset with unwanted fat, orange-peel skin or cellulite, and loose skin BSL clinic is a trusted place to help take care of your body shape with advanced technology plus an expert medical team to specifically analyze your problem and the program is especially designed to solve your body type. 

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