Sensitive Skin, Seborrheic Dermatitis

Individual results may vary.

       There are various kinds of sensitive skin, especially eczema, seborrheic dermatitis or facial redness which usually occurs with people that are expose to bad pollution, bad environment, unhealthy food and lifestyle. This causes many people world-wide to develop sensitive/allergic skin, rash and facial redness. Individuals with sensitive skin often experience skin itch, rash, flushing, skin irritation, redness and skin dryness and when expose to dust, topical chemical, immense amount of sweat or harsh sunlight. Therefore treating a sensitive should start with reducing skin agitation, treating from the root cause, generating new skin and keeping the skin healthy in the long run.

       Seborrheic dermatitis’s symptoms often are flaky skin, rash, skin redness, skin irritation found on both sides of the cheeks, between eye brows, sides of the nose, behind and inside the ears, along the anterior hairline which patients will constantly suffer from it. Symptoms generally occurs when facing conditions such as extreme weather (hot/cold), freezing weather, sweat, insomnia, stress, illness, some medications. After waking up in the morning the symptoms will slightly improve, however as time passed the symptoms will come back in the later parts of the day. Many patients found that this disease cannot be totally diminished and they will have to repeatedly endure getting the same treatment over and over again. Most of the time is applying product with steroid to the skin which you can see instant result, but the side effect is that you will develop thin facial skin, steroid acne, striae, and hypersensitive skin. Worsening of the symptoms happen with long term use of topical steroid. This lead to an unending “vicious cycle”.




   Feeling Itchy, Having To Scratch, Pick, And Rub Skin During The Day And Night.

   Having to put on make-up, but does not want to, because the allergy acts up and causes acne break out and unevenness of skin texture.

    Waking up in the morning with fresh face, but in the evening you end up with itchy rashes/facial redness/dryness all over your face

   Wanting to have fun outside but scare to go outside, because the heat from the sun/sweat causes itchy rash, redness and irritation on face or neck or chest or back.

   Wanting to swim in sea water but cannot, because the sea water stings and itchiness on my face.

    Wanting to exercise/workout, but the sweat causes itchiness on the facial area






 Thin skin, mildly red, mildly    /slightly flaky.

 Red rashes in a shape of a     butterfly on both sides of cheeks.

 Rashes in the area of head of     the brows.


 Red rashes on both side of the     cheeks and head of the brows.

 Rashes along hairline area, and     behind the ears.

 Small heat rashes(papule) appear     mostly in the area of both cheeks.

 Skin irritation and redness.


 Rashes on head of the brows,     along the hairline, behind both     ears.

 Rashes on scalp.

 Rashes on both sides of the     cheeks.

 Rashes along jawline, upper neck,     chest, back.

 Heat rash (papule), red, itchy and     stings.

 Scabs and flaking




Individual results may vary.

     Sensitive skin and seborrheic dermatitis usually require a long period of time and will constantly relapse after it had been treated. Which most of the time patients are regularly treated with product containing steroid. After the usage of product containing steroid, red rashes and skin irritation disappear within a few days (depending on individual). Shortly after, the rashes and the itchiness returns which patients have to continue using the product containing steroid to reduce the inflammation and itchiness. As a result, patients are not able to avoid using steroid and facial skin will continue to get thinner, more sensitive to sunlight and more rashes will emerge. In the end, you are enslaved by your need to use steroid.



 Thinner Skin

 Capillaries, Skin redness

 Striae and Stretched marks

 Unable to stop, increasing potency due to drug resistance

“STOP!! Stop harming your skin”






Individual results may vary.

Reducing facial redness/inflammation/rash: stinging or itchiness, skin irritation by reducing the direct causes of inflammation using light laser therapy.


Individual results may vary.

Stimulating construction of new skin cells: by using laser alongside with transmission of natural moisturizing factors and ceramides to build the healthy skin


Individual results may vary.​​​

Regenerating healthy skin: by cell therapy to restore and protect the skin, improve skin condition and directly increase skin moistness in which skin structure includes protein 40%, water + compounds 40% and fat 20%.




       STEP 1  is the reduction of skin irritation, redness and stings or itchiness by reducing substance that causes inflammation, such as IL-1, inflammatory cytokine and others.

     Radiating light Laser to internally create a healthier skin, reducing inflammation and skin irritation, no more problem with sensitive skin.

   Sensitive skin, allergic skin and thin facial skin can be cure with Light laser therapy program by focusing on regenerating cell underneath the skin to make the skin healthier. By using laser in Infrared (IR) 830nm wavelength and Red light (633 nm wavelength), it will stimulate construction of collagen and generating skin cells that deteriorated into becoming a healthier skin cell. When cells underneath the skin get healed, internal skin will gradually become healthier and less dependent on steroid and when the patients receive a continuous treatment, facial redness will disappear and patient’s skin will be able to withstand the sunlight /hazard environment without experiencing facial redness or skin irritation afterward. This is the consequent of healthy internal skin leading to becoming healthy externally as well.

Individual results may vary.


       STEP 2 is using laser to stimulate construction of new skin completely from deep to the upper skin surface, which the laser will not damage the skin surface or surrounding normal skin. This is because the technology that precisely radiate the laser beam is non-ablative laser treatment, which means that it releases a suitable amount of power to transform sensitive skin into becoming a new skin and it will also stimulate construction of healthier skin. The procedure will be conducted and treated by dermatologist who specialize in laser treatment. Therefore the occurrence of sensitive skin and the chance of recurrence will significantly reduce. The process of constructing new skin will approximately take 3 months (depending on individual) for the reason that it is a process that will stimulate a healthy skin from the innermost to the outermost. Moreover, we will use laser alongside with transmission substances that are important factors to increase the skin moistness, so called “natural moisturizing factors” and ceramides, so that there will be another layer of artificial skin, which will prevent skin irritation.


Individual results may vary.


        STEP 3 is the formation of skin to protect the skin as if it is the skin structure by doing PRP Cell Therapy (US-FDA approved PRP treatment). Not only, the new skin cells become healthier and stronger, but also skin become smoother, clearer and younger. You will be happy with your new skin than you ever feel before.      Skin structure includes protein 40%, water and compounds 40% and fat 20% in which BSL Clinic and Skinesia product medical team have been continuously researching and developing, in order to develop products with the best compounds that will stimulate new skin to protect and regenerate deteriorated skin, increases skin moistness directly deep into the cell of the skin, prevention of skin irritation and will keep the skin healthy for a long period of time.


Individual results may vary.

     Treating step by step requires a period of time to allow the new skin to be regenerated, it will takes approximately 1 month by forming collagen and skin structure for approximately 3 months (depending on individual).

      Treatment by BSL Clinic medical team will regenerate and nourish the skin from the stem cell of the skin and with the assist technology they will be able to stimulate and deliver nutrients that the skin needed in for the construction of healthier skin to occur as if it is a wall that requires brick and mortar for it to become a strong wall, also no substance/chemical that causes thin facial skin and steroid that we are unable to stop from using or will recur when stop using. Therefore we can be certain that there will be significant result.






Individual results may vary.

     Before and After Treatment of Seborrheic dermatitis: The treatment of Seborrheic Dermatitis with 4 sessions in 4 months period at BSL Clinic.      

    2 years follow-up after 4 treatment sessions at BSL Clinic. Healthy skin reveal and the symptom does not return. Therefore the treatment result meet the expectation of the medical team and the result confirms that this treatment is effective for the patients. We fully heal the symptom and it is long-term safe.


Individual results may vary.

     Before and after treatment to improve the skin condition, diminishing rashes, sensitive skin and redness. Patient are able to go out in the sun without experiencing redness and skin irritation. Less acne and sustainable healthy skin condition.


Individual results may vary.

     Before and after treatment program for sensitive skin, within 3 months skin returns to its original healthy state in which the patient is happily return to her daily life.

Individual results may vary.

     Before and after treatment program for sensitive skin

Individual results may vary.

  Before and after treatment program for sensitive skin


Individual results may vary.

 Before and after treatment program for sensitive skin