Mole, Seborrheic Keratosis, Skin Tag, Syringoma

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        Moles, Skin tag, Seborrheic Keratosis, Syringoma and Skin Tumors: How to treat and remove them safely without leaving scars and holes behind?


     The laser that we have found to be the most effective nowadays is CO2(Carbon dioxide laser) laser.



     Using the old way of treatment like electrocautery can done but it is very difficult to control the result and less precise than the CO2 laser. In addition, the study show that electrocautery has higher risk of scarring after the treatment compare to laser.


  There are many types and models of CO2 Laser , will the effectiveness change depending on the machine?

       There is a major difference, even if they use the same frequency of 10600 nm and using the same laser, there are minor details which are very different.

 • Unapproved/uncertified CO2 laser has been known to be the least accurate.    

 • Sharplan CO2 laser is the US-FDA approved gold standard CO2 laser. It can generate the laser beam arrays of frequencies while still maintaining pinpoint accuracy. It is an expensive machine and price of some parts of it can be used to purchase new machines with lower quality and standard easily, but we aspire to treat our patients at the highest quality so we believe the Sharplan CO2 laser is the way to go.    

 • The most important factors in using this kind of machine are expertise and experience of dermatologists who perform the treatment because dermatologist have to be well-trained and know the pathology of the skin condition to be treated to completely removed the lesions, avoid scarring and expert on how to properly dress the wound. We must use the most accurate of lasers in order to ensure the best possible outcome.    

 • One thing to keep in mind is that mole, skin tag, seborrheic keratosis, syringoma, skin tumors have to be cautiously treated, however to give the right diagnosis and exclusion of skin cancer before giving the treatment are very important and it has to be careful to avoid future regret.

     We at BSL clinic have been using CO2 laser for more than 20 years, so we are very experienced and appreciate our patients to trust us and receive the best treatment we can offer.



Individual results may vary.

       Mr. Manit had a stroke and was paralyzed and bedridden, with determination to overcome his illness and changed his life, now he is very healthy and would be able to walk and use his life like hadn’t never been a stroke patient before. He choose to start a new healthy and youthful life and choose the best things for his life. Many people appreciate that his face look very brighter, smoother and much younger. However, in the past, he had history of hundreds of skin tags and seborrheic keratosis on his face, neck and body, and came to consult with dermatologist team at BSL to treat it.

Individual results may vary.

     The seborrheic keratosis that you see on his face is a dark brown spot, it looks like small and big moles that were placed on all over the face and neck.      

     This skin problem is most likely found in patients whose have family members who have had previous experience with the same history of seborrheic keratosis. However, rest assured that the seborrheic keratosis is not a malignancy.

Individual results may vary.

       In reality, this skin condition is not difficult to treat by experience dermatologist. Many people look for and come for the treatment every day in BSL clinic. One session is all you need to make it disappear, the faster you treat it, the faster it will also be as it has not grown in size yet and easier for post laser care.    
     The skin that has been treated, that area is very clean and fresh, showing even skin tone. It has made him look a lot younger, part of this is due to regular exercise which keeps your body healthy as well as helping to stimulate the circulation of blood throughout the body. This resulted in having a well colored skin, as you can see from the liveliness of Mr. Manit.

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     The wound after CO2 laser is smooth and very small. There are few flakes after treatment. Flakes will fall off naturally within 5-7 days. After those flakes exfoliate, pink skin will be revealed without scarring. If processed by a doctor who has experience and expertise, most patients are often cured in the first treatment Unless the deep mole, you may need to be repeated to remove the roots out again to avoid scarring.