Eyes Wrinkle, Dark Circle, Eyes Bag, Droopy Eyelid

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    When people mention about the skin around the eye, it is common knowledge that this skin part is sensitive and thinner than any other parts of the face. This makes the skin around the eye vulnerable to many different problems and of course no one wants these dark spots to invade our beautiful face. Whether you currently have the spots or not, it is essential to learn about in order to not only prevent, but also to understand the correct treatment. To create a bright and fresh look around the eye, we have classified the kinds of problem to highlight the correct treatment for each one.





Eye bags or Under eye swelling  
    This is caused by the accumulation of water and fat around the eye. When getting older, the collagen and elastin starts to deteriorate and be sagging resulting in the gathering of more water and fat. The more that is accumulated, the more weight and size the swelling will have and it can be easily recognized. The congesting of water can be a combination of other causes as well such as allergies, sinusitis, high blood pressure, high salty food consumption or even crying can contribute to cause this problem.

Problem of dark eye circle, dark spots, dull marks around and underneath the eyes
    This is caused by bad circulation of blood, causing the veins to enlarge itself, causing congestion and leakage of blood around the eye due to weakening capillaries. This causes the outside of the eye to be black and dull which turns into the marks you see. Another cause is from the gathering of melanin underneath the skin, this is either from genetics or other factors which cause irritation around the skin of the eye for example: constant rubbing of the eye, eczema and allergic reactions to cosmetic products.

Problems of wrinkles around and underneath the eye.
    This is caused by the destruction of collagen and elastin which results in the skin losing its flexibility, elasticity and firmness which in turn causes wrinkling around the eyes, especially in the ends, around and underneath the eyes. The skin around the eye is often the part that develops wrinkles the quickest compared to other skin, and this is because of the fragility and sensitivity of the skin in this area. Other stimulants which can cause this are; the movement of muscles around the face such as smiling, laughing or crying, the destruction of skin through sunlight or smoking, irritation of the skin underneath the eyes all contribute to the problem of wrinkles.


  Method of reducing dark circle, wrinkles and eye bags urgently and safely in the long-run.

After knowing the causes of dark eye circle, wrinkles and eye bags. We can now look at what we can do to protect and treat these problems.

Individual results may vary.

1. Reduce the amount of coffee and tea and quit smoking:  consuming spicy and salty food along with smoking and drinking causes interruption and poor blood circulation to supply tissue around eyes. Since we know now that dark circle underneath the eyes are connected to the quality of blood underneath the skin, having bad circulation of blood will present the condition for dark spots to appear easily.

2. Cleaning the area around the eyes correctly: clean the area regularly by using a special hypoallergenic gentle cleaning agent which has the capability to not only clean and remove make up, dirtiness, greasiness, but also to clean the remains of tissue debris at the deep parts of the skin. Start by gently massaging around the eyes in a circular motion but do not rub, as violent rubbing can cause the veins to break which will give us the opposite effect that we want.

3. Get enough and well sleep at night: Try to reduce stress and rest properly when stressed. Lack of sleep causes an increase in melatonin which can also cause dull spots underneath the eyes.

4.Care for the skin around the eye by using health products and skin caring methods: Use this new skin care product Skinesia, by using a combination of collagen, elastin, ceramide, phytosphingosine, shiso extract, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and vitamin E which together gives fast recovery, as well as having the skin nutrients and minerals permeate the skin to repair and restore the freshness of skin around the eye.

5. Laser treatment: is the newest and highly well-known world-wide for its effectiveness and rapid treatment. By treating with laser, it gives a clear and visible result but only   when handled with care and supervision of the dermatologists.

    5.1 Periorbital darkening/Dark eye circle: The treatment of choice is a Pigmented removal laser which highly specific and precise to treat and remove pigments can help reduce dull spots effectively and can be treated safely around eye area.

     5.2  Infraorbital swelling and edema: The treatment is the utilization of the Vascular laser which is a type of laser that destroys veins congested under eyes and the use of   Ultherapy, High-intensity Focus Ultrasound or RF Tightening to remove the accumulation of water and fat around the eye and increase the production of the collagen and elastin to promote the firmness, smoothness, treat eye bags and create the youthful and resilience result.

     5.3  Undereye hollowness/Tear through deformity: Many people have dark eye circle and hollowness under eye that commonly caused by depletion of collagen tissue, reposition of fat around eye and structural defect of ligament and tear gland making the hollowness appear along the curve of eye globe : Injecting hyarulonic filler is a popular world-wide and safe method for people with these problems. The result can be seen immediately after the treatment without downtime. This treatment should be only injected by dermatologists since the area tends to contain a lot of blood vessels, also if too much is injected it could cause swelling underneath the eye.

     5.4  Periorbital Rhytids/Wrinkles

  • Injecting of purified proteins (Anti-Wrinkle injections) which causes the muscle to relax and erase dynamic wrinkles.
  • Treatment using Fractional Laser Resurfacing such as CO2 laser, Erbium Laser, YSGG laser which reduces wrinkles and naturally promote new collagen and elastin production around the eye in the long run.
  • For patients whose skin around the eyes is wrinkly, sagging, droopy eyelids and eyebrow can be treat with Skin Tightening Treatment such Ulthera, High-Intensity Focus Ultrasound, RF Tightening.
        Skin problems around the eye is quite a complicated topic, as each individual normally has a combination of issues rather than one, this is why it is necessary to examine all the different problems and treat them each individually for the best results. Because of this, caring for the skin around the eye since a young age is very important in protecting and delaying other problems from age.






Individual results may vary.


Individual results may vary.