Excessive Sweating & Body Odor

Individual results may vary.


    The secretion of sweat from the body is a normal body function in controlling our body temperature by releasing signals to nerve ending automatically. However, there are some individuals that find their release of sweat to be above average, mostly in the areas of armpit, palm, feet including the face and body. If there is excessive sweating around  the armpit area, it may cause from humidity which can lead to the strong sweat stink. This condition is commonly found in adolescents, it is a condition which causes a large amount inconvenience and unpleasant. It has an effect on work, social activities, mentality and most importantly a big drop in self-confidence.



  • Around 50% starts from the armpits, and in only one spot along with the palm of your hands or feet
  • Around 29% starts only at the palm of your feet and/or along with other spots
  • Around 25% starts only at the palm of your hands and/or along with other spots

Individual results may vary.


In some normal state, can be found during excessive sweating symptoms
such as exercise, hot weather, humid weather, spicy or hot food, excitement, stress or having fever

It is not confirmed whether stress, excitement and sickness such as an abnormality in the thyroid gland are the causes for this




  • There is a connection with heredity, it is found that 30-65% chance most people have this connection, there is a family member also has it. In the group of gene abnormality, there is a 25% chance of getting this condition however normal genes only find this condition around 1% of the time.
  • Obesity has an effect, as the fat layer underneath the skin is very thick, causing the body to not release heat very well, resulting in the body releasing heat through more sweating instead.
  • Lack of female hormones due to post-menopausal syndrome.
  • Hyperthyroidism or Thyrotoxicosis

  • Diabetes as it causes the body to be abnormal in using energy and chronic inflammation of tissues

  • Chronic heart failure has an effect as the body needs more energy in pumping blood across the body, this causes the inner heat level to rise resulting in the body sweating more.

  • Some side effects of medicines such as aspirins (Paracetamols or any medicines with morphine) high blood pressure medication, diabetes medication and psychological medication

  • Some types of cancer such as Lymphoma in which the cancer will cause excessive sweating all over the body usually during night time.



    Excessive sweating is usually not very severe, not life threatening, however it can decrease quality of your everyday life. Especially when socializing, from the humidity, there will be a strong smell such as around the armpit area and the feet area for example. Moreover, the skin will always be humid making fungus and bacterias an issue as well as increasing the chances of rashes.



  1. By using a substance which reduces the excretion of sweat that contains aluminum chloride in the shape of roll-ons, creams or sprays may cause a reduction in sweat but needs to be used often. Some cases may experience irritation to the skin even causing dark spots on the armpits.
  2. Iontophoresis is a method which passes a low electricity wave through the skin to reduce sweating, but this method is  requires constant treatment.

  3. Removing the sweat gland through surgery, it is either through cutting out the sweat gland or by cutting the nerve that is connected to the sweat gland to decrease its function. Surgery is not popular as well due to possible side effects such as scars (usually small round scars 1-2 centimeters) or even infections in some cases.

  4. Presently, Dermal modulation has been introduced which injects pure protein to reduce sweating and body odor.

Individual results may vary.

It reduces the operation of the nerve automatically which causes reduced sweating, while also simultaneously reduces wrinkles around the face giving you a younger look while also solving the original excessive sweating issue. It is especially effective in the armpit area which caused a reduction in self-confidence, by injecting pure proteins that relaxes the muscle and reduces sweat. It will continue to work preventing substances secretion in boosting the production of sweat, after 10 minutes of treatment the production of sweat will last for around 7-8 months (depending on individual) allowing you to wear your best clothes with confidence.

      Botox for excessive sweating is one of the most common and highly effective treatment at BSL clinic to the patients all over the world.