Dark lipsand nipple brightening laser


Individual results may vary.


      Dark lips is a common problem that causes a lot of women and men to worry and lose self-confidence, if not treated with care or treated wrongly, your lip will get even darker and it will decrease your beauty. Normally lips are bright pink, red and even dark tone. So the change of lips color varies on each individual and races, for example a skin of color person has a higher chance of having a darker lips than a fair skin person. Other factors are age and environment, as you aged the lips will naturally get darker and darker as well as your skin in other areas.





Individual results may vary.

  Vary on each individual: As mention before that dark skin person has a higher chance of having a darker lips than a fair skin person.


  Temperature and climate: It is one of the factors that may have an effect on the lips color, for example the colder the temperature, the higher chance that the lips will get darker, because the veins shrinks and will cause the blood stasis more than usual.


  Individual with imperfect health: Such as Anemia, chronic illness, recovering period patients, low amount of blood circulating in lips area making the lips turn pale, patient with heart or respiratory disease in which the blood is thick causing the lips to be darker than normal people.


  Daily food consumption: What you eat every day is also a factor that causes problem of dark lips, for example celery, parsley, onion, garlic, ginger or sour fruits such as orange, pineapple, mango, etc. This is because these fruits have a substance called Psoralen, it has no affect when it is remain on your lips only. However, when this substance comes in contact with ultra violet ray from the sun, it will cause a chemical reaction in which the lips will become inflamed and it will stimulates the cells to generate a lot of pigments until your lip turns dark. (Medical term for this is called photosensitivity reactions.)

   Medicine: Certain medicine may also cause photosensitivity reactions as well, for example medicine for diabetic drugs, Diuretic drugs, antifungal drugs, antihistamine drugs.

  Dry lips, crack lips or flaky lips: Usually occur from our daily consumption, which most people would not expect that toothpaste and mouthwash that contains high concentration alcohol, SLS and Menthol.


  Lipstick: The substances in lipstick that cause the problem mostly are dyes, fragrances, lanolin and preservatives.

 Surrounding environment: Such as cold and dry weather during the winter or frequently working in a room with air conditioner all the time and drink not enough water are the main problems that causes dry lips.


  Licking your lips: is what most people are doing to solve the problem of dry lip and cracked lip. However in contrast, frequently licking your lip will make the enzymes in your mouth that help you digest the food in your saliva to cause worsening of dry lips.


  Using lip balm: when using for a long period until it becomes a habit is one of the reason that causes dry lips. Lip balm may help reduced the dryness of the lip for a while, but long-term usage will cause it to become even dryer. This is because the main substance found in most lip balm will drain the moistness of the lip, as a result you will be constantly applying lip balm.


  Uncertain cause: is the cause can be found the most, in which no matter how much you try to avoid the main factors, but the condition will not improve. We recommend you to consult with doctor specialized in this field for a long-term well-being and right on point treatment.




Individual results may vary.

     LIP AND NIPPLE BRIGHTENING LASER: Treating with standard laser is the most effective way in modern days. No matter what the causes are, it can be treated by penetrating laser that precisely diminished and removal of dark melanin pigments those are abnormal under the skin without damaging surround normal tissue. We have US-FDA approved pigmented removal laser such as Asclepion Q-Switch Ruby Laser and Q-Switch ND-Yag (Revlite) which usually requires only 1-3 times to see results, however the results may vary for each individual. Before the laser treatment, anesthetic will be apply to lips or nipples. During the laser treatment, your lips will feel as if it is being constantly and gently flick by an elastic band in a short period of time. After the laser treatment, you can return to daily lifestyle normally.  The lip will a little swell and turn red, then it will turns into thin scab within 2-3 days. The scab will peel into a blushing pink lip within 1 week, after that the doctor will arrange an appointment to follow up the results and will repeat the treatment after 2-4 weeks.      

   Brightening lips and nipples is one of the most common and highly effective treatment if you have it treat by experience dermatologists.



You should avoid chemical substances or stimulants that are the causes for the problem of dark lips, dry lips, cracked lips and flaky lips.

The solution for this is not difficult at all, just by carrying out these following suggestions which are

  1. Drinking a lot of water, much enough to maintain the moistness of every part of the skin including the lip as well. Because the more you age, the less moistness the cell in the body will be able to maintain.

  2. After eating vegetable and fruit, wash your mouth.

  3. Change toothpaste that has a lot of bubbles and has cooling fresh flavor (Menthol) to a one with less bubble and is non cooling fresh flavor or you can also use kid’s toothpaste. Another suggestion is that you can apply vaseline petroleum jelly or ointment to your lips before brushing your teeth to protect it from the bubbles/menthol that can cause dry lips. As an alternate for vaseline, you can also use baby oil.

  4. Do not lick you lips even if it reduces the dryness of the lips for a while, because when it becomes dry again, it will be even drier than before.

  5. Frequently apply vaseline petroleum jelly or ointment to your lips instead of using lip gloss or lip balm that are too dry or too hard. However, you can use hypoallergenic and does not contain fragrance lip balm that is natural ingredients and has sun protection factor (SPF).