Chin Augmentation

Individual results may vary.

       First we have to observe your original face shape to see what kind of face shape you have, and after the “chin augmentation”, how will people around you respond to the change you have made. Therefore, chin is an important facial feature, which if each part of the face are even, you will have an evenly proportionate face that is stunning and perfect.

  Individual results may vary.

Chin is an important feature of the face, a good chin will be evenly proportionate along with forehead, nose, jawline and the frame of the face. A chin should not be too short or small, therefore when designing a chin you will have to consider about all the facial components to make them fit proportionally.

Individual results may vary.

“Chin” 3 dimensional beauty from front side, left side and right side,

look good from every angle and every time you look at it


To create a new chin, BSL Clinic doctors have a well understanding and artistic skills in designing the shape of the chin to be evenly proportionate and complement to the other important features of the face as well.

3 main parts of the facial feature that should complement with chin are forehead,nose,jawline. Our special design technique allows us to “conjoin the chin and adapt it to the nose tip as well”, the chin that we have designed will look good from the front and from the sides it will look well proportionate in which along the facial outline the edge of the chin and nose tip will be conjoin into one straight line, so whichever angle you look from will be outstanding.


From the front side, the chin should be curved and pointed, but not too long or too short, which for male and female, it will differ out depending on the characteristic of each individual. So, BSL Clinic needs a well understanding and can design the chin that will complement with the characteristic or personality of that certain individual.



     Designing a chin that will complement with the face shape and nose. Looking from the sides, drag a line across from the nose tip to the edge of the chin, the well proportionate chin will complement with the nose and the lip in a straight line, so this is considered as a perfect chin.

Individual results may vary.


     Masculine looking, a strong look, vigorous look, like Mr. Jedsadaporn Pholdee, a Thai, well-known actor. If you observe carefully you will find out that men with this look will have a face shape that are pointed, squared and clear cut chin. However, it has to be even out and have no dimple in the chin or on outline of the face.

Individual results may vary.


     Men with soft and gentle looks will be will look easy to approach and look more sociable and easy going. The chin outline will be curved and will complement with the face shape that is tapered like Mr. Jame Jirayu Tangsrisuk.(a Thai famous teen actor)

Individual results may vary.


     Feminine looking, girly look or a look that many people want which is cute and sweet girl look, you will look young and adorable and people will want to protect and cherish you. So we design female’s chin to be curved and slender, tapered chin, not masculine shape chin, but with a characteristic of  V-shape or if they do not want a characteristic of a V-shape, we are able to make it into a U-shape in the most natural way


     We use Hyaluronic acid or what we often hear “Filler”, which it has high stability and it is already in our body. So this means that it will not cause any allergic reaction, irritation and it will not be harmful to the body when use to augment the chin to become naturally curved, long, and in a good shape.

Individual results may vary.

Point 1 Mental crease Fix dimple below the lip for it to be able to support the lip, lifting the mouth corner and making the chin pointed and curved.      

Point 2 Chin Apex (The most important point) This is the point where it can increase the length of the chin, which is the most curve out part of the chin and the middle point of the face. Draw the line between the nose and the lip in order to adjust the chin to be proportionately long along the left and right sides, dermatologist requires a high level of accuracy and should be able to adjust the ratio of the face to be 1/3 according to the Golden Ratio theory which will make you look younger than your age. We will not adjust the chin to be too long (In Asian), we will reduce the length of the chin by 20% of 1 in 3 ratio of the point between the nose tip to the edge of the chin.    

 Point 3 The point that will be used to support the shape of the chin to be evenly proportionate.   

 Point 4 Another important point, use to change the dimension of the chin. From a bent shape to become more curved and pointed out accordingly to Esthetic Line theory, which will make the adjustment complement with the nose, mouth and chin. Therefore, if we do not proportionately adjust the chin or adjust it to be too long, it  will not look natural and consequently you will have a witch chin style.    

 Point 5 Only use for men that want to have a strong and masculine look, which suit well with foreign patients such as American or European that want to look manly and to increase the sharpness of  facial frame.      

Point 6 Marionette lines or Lower cheek groove helps support the fats in the cheek area to be more firm and reduce sagginess of lower cheek and corner of the mouth.