Brows & Eyelids Lifting

        As people say “Brow are the crown of your face.” is true, so everybody strives to have a beautiful perfect brow of their own style. However, as people age, they experience the problems of droopy eyebrows or droopy eyelids. These problems cause you to look older than your age and make your eyes look gloomy and dull. The problems of droopy eyebrows and droopy eyelids can be easily fixed by coming to consult with a BSL Clinic doctors. BSL Clinic will be able to return the liveliness to your eyes by lifting the eyelids and giving you the brows of your own style.


  • Present at birth, may occur on one eye or both eyes.

  • Aging is the cause of eyebrows and eyelids dropping accordingly to the earth gravity.

  • Malfunction of eyelids’ muscle from nerves in the brain

  • Excess skin on eyelids or thick eyelids are also factors that cause the drooping of eyelids.

        The problem of droopy eyebrows, uneven brows, excess eyelids skin leading to droopy eyelids, BSL Clinic has an understanding of whole face of each person that is different individually. Therefore we have to analyze and design the perfect brow shape to match with the face shape and the personality of that certain patient with a natural looking beautiful brows. The doctors will focus lifting the eyelids, which a space is proportionately created between the eyelids and brows. So, you will be able to feel the youth, the energy, and the brightness in your eyes. Our importance is that we combine the treatment methods in order to receive the best results. We know what treatment method is suitable for each patient’s problem without having to perform painful surgery, without recovery. However, this treatment does not necessarily only for elderly people, but we are also able to lift brows and eyelids from the age of 25 and above for a youthful and lively face and eyes.

Eyebrow lift, Fix droopy excess eyelid. With the lifting and tightening technology that no need surgery, and no scars

  Individual results may vary.

  • Skin Tite Stimulating collagen on saggy skin.

  Skin Tite is designed to continuously release radio frequency waves to specifically help firming the skin. The warmth of the heat that is transmitted to the beneath of the skin, it will lead to the better arrangement of collagen and will also stimulate new collagen. Consequently, the treatment of droopy eyebrows and droopy eyelids problem will be lift and tighten these treated areas. The muscle of excess or thick eyelids will also become firmer. As a result of treating with Skin Tite, the problem of fine lines will also disappear.


  Individual results may vary.

  • Titen FX (Stimulate circulatory system and rearrange fat accumulation)

        RF technology including Monopolar and Bipolar which is invented to fix the problem of fat accumulation in eyelid, by which waves of RF heat will be transmit to the beneath of the skin to disintegrate the fat accumulated into small particles. In consequent the muscle will become firmer, the problem of droopy eyebrow, excess eyelid and loosen skin will be gone. Titen FX has high safety measure, it will not leave any scars/marks after the treatment, which you will be able to clearly see the difference before and after the treatment.

  Individual results may vary.

  • Ulthera Focus on lifting and tightening eyebrows and eyelids to be a good shape.

        Ultrasound technology in lifting and tightening which is approved worldwide. Focusing on the same layer of skin that cosmetic surgeon performs the surgery on, but with the specialty of this technology we are able to go underneath to stimulate the forming of collagen in that certain skin layer, eyelids skin or droopy eyebrows will be lift up and tighten until you get a shape that suits with your face shape without painful surgery.

Individual results may vary.

  •  Lifting brows and eyelids at the muscle layer)

       Purified relaxing muscle protein is able to lift your brows and eyelids to make them firmer and gaining an outline which is suitable to for anyone that desire to fix the problem of droopy eyebrows and droopy eyelids. The purified protein will go beneath the skin to work in the muscle layer to restrain the muscle from functioning in the injected area, this cause brows and eyelids to be lifted and firmed. The more benefit of this treatment method is that it also helps to eliminate wrinkles, give you big round eyes, fresh natural looking face and the ability to normally lift your eyebrows.

Individual results may vary.

  • Filler fills the change in bone shape and lift brows into a beautiful shape

         As you age, there will be a change in bone shape of the eye socket area and temple area, this is another cause of droopy brows and eyelids. BSL Clinic, we selectively choose filler substances which will fill out the deep groove in the bone, which the skin in the filled area will become firmer, brows and eyelids will be lifted and firmed with a significant outline.