Breast & Neck Lifting and Tightening

Individual results may vary.

       We can always maintain the health and youthfulness of our face well, however the skin on the neck is also cannot be neglected. The neck skin also needs special treatment, since the skin in this area is where wrinkles and saggy skin can happen very easily. This is why the skin around the neck can be used to identify age, as you get older, problems of neck skin will appear and cause many people to worry. Some common problems are listed below:

  1.  Horizontal neck lines and wrinkles, dull spots and photo-damage on neck and chest.
  2. Wrinkles and saggy skin of neck.
  3. Unwanted and excess fat of neck.
  4. Large pores and unevenness of skin texture that look like chicken skin(Turkey neck)



Individual results may vary.

Fineline, pores, rough skin and uneven skin texture of neck

Neck lines and wrinkles, or chicken pores, this problem is mostly found in older ages such as over 40-50 years as the skin condition and collagen underneath the skin have deteriorated. The collagen has been destroyed by excessive sunlight, stress, unhealthy daily lifestyle and food, and as you get older, pollution and chemicals will also cause the skin to become thinner resulting in wrinkles, dull spots and uneven skin. The method of treatment is the dermatologist will use a laser combined with cell therapy to repair the skin cells by creating new healthier skin and collagen in the skin layer to become firmer, younger, smoother and healthier, and also reducing wrinkles and fixing these sagging skin problems until the skin becomes smooth safely and gives long term results.




Individual results may vary.

Large and chubby neck due to excess fat

Excess fat layers on the neck will make the neck look chubby, aged and not slender which makes you look fat. 

Method of treatment is by using high-intensity focus ultrasound technology (US-FDA approved, world-class technology), which will work deeply and directly under the skin to get rid of the excess fat from the neck along with stimulate new collagen production to help tighten and lift the skin. This also contributes to reducing wrinkles in the neck, making it look more slender, get rid of the problems of saggy skin and excess fat for a slender, youthful and wonderful looking neck.



Individual results may vary.

Turkey neck, wrinkles and saggy neck skin caused by sagging fat layer and deterioration of collagen underneath the skin.

       Saggy skin caused by the fat layer and deterioration of collagen underneath the skin will make your neck look saggy, wrinkly unpleasant folds, horizontal fine lines (Turkey neck skin). The method of treatment is by using RF (Radio Frequency) wave under the US-FDA approved technologies such as Forma:SkinTite, Alma:TitenFx will help remove excess fat and tighten your skin, the wrinkles will also be reduced, your skin will also look smoother with this specialty of our Radio Frequency wave in reducing saggy skin on the skin layer and excess fat layer at the same time with no pain during the treatment and no downtime after the treatment. The patients can return to their works and daily life activities immediately after the treatment.




Individual results may vary.


Muscles pulling down, causing wrinkles around the neck.

Underneath the skin of the neck, there are the pulling down muscles that will pulling down the skin of the neck to become saggy and wrinkling over time which is one of the most important cause of aging skin of neck, whenever you use the “e” sound while tense up the neck, the muscles around this area will then show to it working pattern around the neck, which is connected from the lower face, jaw line, facial frame to the collarbone. The method of treating this is by relaxing this muscle by using Botulinum injection, this will make the neck look defined, longer, and dimensional, also it is able to help slowing down the saggy skin process, causing it to age less, significantly prevent long term aging of neck and giving a more defined look to your facial frame.                                                                                                                


          The most effective way of treating saggy skin on the neck at BSL clinic is that we combine the most recent and effectively US-FDA approved technologies for the best results in restoring the skin of your neck to become youthful and beautiful once more like a vase holding a flower that will make the flower look more precious and elegant. We can solve this problem specifically and effectively from the upper skin layer, deeper skin layer, fat layer or even muscle layer, we can take care of every problem that you may have with your skin. Reducing wrinkles to restore smoothness, youthfulness to your neck for an elegant and fabulous look while also preventing your skin aging process so you can look younger forever.