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1. Is it the real Fraxel?

It can be simply seen from the tools. Fraxel is the trade name. However, the name Fraxel has been used in treatment by forging machines, but said that it is similar. Thus, many people have complained that the treatment is ineffective (Mainly Fractional ER:Glass Machine).

2. Why using Fraxel:restore?                  

Because it is the specialized technology, which can get down deeper and does not thin the skin, since it does not damage top skin layer.




 Individual results may vary.

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3. How many types of Fraxel machine?

There are three modelsof Fraxel. Each model can be adjusted energy to different depth because of different wavelengths and power settings performance. Therefore therapeutic effect is not the same such as acne, acne pit, sebaceous glands or repairing deeper scars that is irretrievable. If the power or models are not appropriate, target or problem that needs treatment requires expertise and physician judgment must match the point and pathological depth of those problems to provide good results.




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 Fraxel refine 1410nm

DualWave18bit w-screen-sm
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Fraxel restoreและ Dual


  • Fraxel:refine 1410nm can work at shallower site; deep down under the skin for (350-650 microns)  
  • Fraxel:Restore 1550nm is able to get deeper; deep down under the skin for (350- 1400 micronsand covers more area with the same setting.

Fraxel:dual 1550/1927is similar to Fraxel:restore 1550nm but with upper skin surface peeling. It is not appropriate to use 1927wavelength in the treatment of patients with sensitive or thin skin.



 Individual results may vary.
 Comparison photo between Fraxel:refine 1410nm is shallower andFraxel:restore 1550nmcover more.



 Individual results may vary.

Comparison photo between dual wavelengths, 1927wavelength go down to shallow siteandFraxel 1550nm go down to deep site.


(Finally, 3.3 Fraxel:re:pair isFractional co2. Thus, it does not suitable for Thai people because it will destroy skin from top. It’s not available in ThailandSee also

4. Fraxel:Restore 1550 Mode of Action  Non-Ablative          

Working without damaging the epidermis, therefore facial skin is not thin. Moreover, power can be transmitted to 1400 micron depth (Depth of Penetration Up to 1400µm). From over 25 years of laser treatment experience, BSL medical team has expertise and specialized techniques in adjusting energy, so that the laser work on the target in order to treat scars, acne, acne pits, hyperpigmentation, scarring, melasma and skin whitening with special techniques provided by BSL.

Now we know why laser does not work, thin our skin or worse. Some people face darker melasma because of tool selection and techniques, which do not meet the required treatment goals.  The treatment should be direct to obtain effective treatment, long-term safety and cured.

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The Fraxel re:fine erbium fibre laser fires a 1410nm wavelength which is designed for superficial treatments at lower energy levels. It targets water in the tissue and not melanin (skin pigment) and can treat up to 650 µm deep into the dermis of the skin on all skin types (colours). 

The Fraxel re:store erbium fibre laser fires a 1550nm wavelength, much like the original Fraxel SR and SR 1500 devices, which is deep penetrating, also targeting water in the tissue and not melanin.