Stem cell & Fat Augmentation


Individual results may vary.


         As we age, the skin will become loose or the fat will begin to disappear, which this make us look older. There are various methods for this treatment, such as using nourishing cream, sunlight protection and using laser. One of treatments is to use the filler substance as a substitute in place of disappeared fat underneath.

        The best treatment is using the individual’s fat from other parts of the body to fill in where the fat underneath the facial skin is missing. Since the fat that will be injected is still has some parts of the stem cell, this can help the skin to retain the youngness and bright aura. By using natural fat from native body, this will allow the facial structure and skin to stay rejuvenated for much longer than any other filler substance (Pontius & Williams III, 2006). The research indicated that this treatment method can last up more than 8 years (Ersek et al., 1998) (depending on individual)

        The facial location where the fat usually disappear are underneath the eyes that causes the “eyes bags”, cheek, or jawline, which resulting in unclear jawline, older looking facial. Some people can appear around forehead, around the eyes, etc.



  Individual results may vary.

The extracted fat after spinning process which to be injected where the natural fat is missing by the team of gemologists from BSL Clinic

Individual results may vary

(AT Pontius & EF Williams. Arch Facial Plastic Surg,2006;8:300-305)

Before and after the treatment to demonstrate the result of lifting and tightening face

and fat augmentation underneath the cheek’s creases, can see improvement

 (AT Pontius & EF Williams. Arch Facial Plastic Surg,2006;8:300-305)

     In the past, injecting fat used to be was not popular or effective way to rejuvenate the aging skins due to its property of being dissolve back into the body after the treatment. But nowadays, the technologies allowed the preservation of transplanted fat cell to stay alive and remain in place as a body living tissue. Furthermore, this method of fat extraction and injection become much more suitable for patient who wants firm looking shape (e.g. tummy and upper leg) and put the undesirable fat into good use else (Coleman, American Society of Plastic Sugery,2006)


However, this method does have some side effects such as swelling, uneven bruise, post-surgery infection, occlusion of arteries, etc.



    Therefore, it is crucial to understand about the advantages and disadvantages of what could happen before making any decision for your love one. The good treatment is not only concern about the outside of the body, but also from the inside as well to make sure that the patient will received the best treatment possible.

Individual results may vary

Before and after treatment around the eyes

(KRANENDONK & OBAGI. Dermatol Surg 2007;33:572–578)