Remove Underarm Hair at BSL Clinic and Throw Tweezers and Razors Away.

Individual results may vary.

Ms Nan, an independent woman who enjoys visiting the fitness centre, is continuously concerned and embarrassed by the increase in the release of her sweat. This condition is known as Hyperhidrosis or commonly recognised as excessive sweating, which is caused by humidity.  It generally occurs in the armpits, hands, face, feet and parts of the body, leading to strong unpleasant odours inconveniencing her within social and work situations. Ms Nan received first-class treatments undertaken by BSL Clinics Dermatologists.  The results were positively effective, and presently, Ms Nan no longer is concerned about her excessive sweating.  Ms Nan has complete confidence in wearing the clothes she chooses.  



     Plucking, waxing, and razoring can easily remove underarm hair. However, they actually damage the skin around the underarm, making it bumpy. If you want to remove the hair permanently to root of it, BSL Clinic has the technology that can remove it and treat your underarm to be silky smooth without causing the chicken skin bump.

Individual results may vary.

     During lasering, we will use cooling gel, which will help the patient feel very comfortable.

Individual results may vary.

     A medical team of BSL is specialized in the laser technology and can use the heat from laser to shine into the hair stem cell without damaging the epidermis. Our medical laser equipment is guaranteed by US FDA and Thai FDA.


     In BSL, one course will have five times of treatment, and we also offer you three additional treatments. So, there are actually eight treatments in one course.
     Our patients will get benefits since the first treatment, and we guarantee the result for two years. If underarm hair starts growing again, you can come back to take more treatments. However, for white and small underarm hair like the hair growing in the face, we will not take responsibility as most people do not care about it.

2 Principles of underarm hair removal at BSL Clinic,
which can remove the hair permanently.

Individual results may vary.

1.The doctor will analyse the pigment of the hair to see whether it has heavy or ligh color.

     For heavy color, we will shine infared, which is 1064 nanometer long, into the pigment and slowly bring heat into the root of the hair. Then, we will use laser that can pass into the pigment of the heavy-color hair and shine it into the root for eliminating the hair stem cell. All of this will be done during the first few treatments.

     For lighter color hair (after few treatment sessions), we will two laser technologies for the treatment. The first laser technology is same as the one used for dark color, but we need to increase the energy in order to destroy the hair root of the light colored hair. Another one is the laser hair removal by Lumenis because it can emit the wave that can catch the pigment more easily. So, we will two technologies in this treatment. All of this will be done after few treatments.

2.The doctor will analyze the density of the hair.

     The heat from laser can penetrate dense hair and go into the root more easily like the big wire that can contain heat more efficiently. However, we need to emit the heat for a while in order to let heat move to its final destination. And, if too much heat is used, it may not be able to reach its destination and may be only where we emit it instead, so we need to be careful. Then, the treatment will not be successful, or the outer skin layer will be damaged. The most important thing is that doctor needs to control the heat from lasers to be long enough in order to make it penetrate the hair stem cell, so it will be the permanent removal.

Preparation before the treatment.

Taking care of skin after the treatment

   - Avoid sunlight for at least two weeks.
   - Avoid using roll for three to five days.
   - If possible, please try to razor and pluck the hair to be around one to two centimeters. Then, the patient should observe if there is  small hair growing after three to five days. If this happens, the patient  should cometo take the treatment.


   - Avoid sunlight for at least one weeks.
   - Avoid using roll for three to five days.
   - After the treatment, the skin may be a little bit red. Please avoid touching around the area that is shined by laser because it will cause inflammation around that area.

       **The patient should come back take rest treatment once a month.**






Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary.

   Special thank to  Ms. Nan, Samran Kaewnangrong, our generous cooking instructor, BSL Clinic would like to thank all patients for giving the permission to share treatment information for other patients who have the underarm hair problem.


Individual results may vary.