Facial Aesthetics for Yonger and Natural Look

Individual results may vary.

         An attractive, handsome or beautiful face is like the first check point, where there are high chances of being approached, and with good looks bring a sense of confidence which can allow you to do many other things. Of course, beauty differs from people to people, and many people also look at beauty differently. That is why here at BSL Clinic we have brought a facial design program which adjusts your face to be 3 dimensions making you look the best in your version while maintaining your uniqueness.  Remove your error, and highlight the best of your face for satisfying results. With the experts at BSL Clinic we understand the characteristics of outside skin and the structure of the inside skin well, so we are able to adjust your face to look beautiful or handsome and attractive in every angle in your individual way.

Individual results may vary.



 Adjust the fundamental of skin, wrinkle problem

 Fill in the missing fat in the fat layer

 Lift the muscles in the SMAS layer

 Reduce wrinkles in the muscle layer

 Reinforce the bone to add dimension




Individual results may vary.

We will restore this with a laser that makes the skin smooth, flawless, young and appealing touch

      Skin is the very first thing we and people around us see and touch the most. Underneath the skin it must have fat, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic, however, as time passes by, these substances will reduce naturally, making the skin on the face dry and rough, lack of flexibility, skin sagging and can cause wrinkles as well and we lose that spark that our skin once had. We can fix that now with Fraxel Restore-Dual laser, a modern technology in restoring the skin areas that have sagged or wrinkled slightly. This is by using Fractional Photo thermolysis, the method in which we use the heat from the laser to boost the production of new collagen. This method is suitable for reducing wrinkles, sagging skin, large pores, pits, black spots, melasma and scars from inflammatory acne. Adjust your skin to have the even skin tone, smoother skin with no side effects in treatment.



  Restoration skin from the inside, the outside will slowly reduce in wrinkles

  Adjusting the skin to have a more even and smooth color, no more rough skin problems

  Reduce pores, tighten the pores and reduce grease problems

  Treat pits, scars and black spots results are very clear

  Restore old skin and produce strong new skin cells which make you have a younger look to your skin, healthy and safe in the long-run

  Does not make the skin thinner, no allergic reactions or sensitive to sun after treatment




Individual results may vary.

Add volume, making your face look more attractive and regaining the sparkle dimension in your facial shape.

     The face looks saggy due to the fat being a very important factor in supporting your facial shape, but as you get older the fat will start to change such as: the cheekbone will start to slowly drag down towards the bottom of your face making it look saggy and not in proportion, or the face looking old and having a dry response or worn out. The method in fixing the withering of the skin in the fat layer is that we can use the filler (HA) to lift and fill in the missing fat at the facial structure or area which have sunken or have broken down completely. This makes the skin tighter and the saggy skin will also tighten making a smooth transition with other parts of your face completing the desired dimensions as well as retaining proportion.

Individual results may vary.

1.FACE AND CHEEK LIFTING: The most important part is lifting the entire face and cheek grooves, it is a process which lifts the upper part of face.

2.SLIMMER FACE: Adjusting the high cheekbones to be dimensional shape, a big problem in Asian is a high cheekbones which BSL can fix. The cheekbones will no longer look big, without the use of surgery and bone sharpening, this is just a way to change the dimension of that cheekbone to look slimmer resulting in a more definitive shape for your entire face.

3.CONTOUR CHEEK BONE/ CORRECT UNDER EYE HOLLOWNESS: Adjust the flat cheeks without dimension to be an orange-looked cheeks, when looking from the side you will see a cheek which extends and pops out towards you. The curve of the cheek will have a lot more dimension to it, resulting in a younger look in your cheeks, we call this the OGEE CURVE. This point is the point of beauty in Caucasian.

4.TREAT SMILE LINES: Filling in the missing grooves of the cheek that causes deep creases, giving the skin a more fulfilling look.

5.LIFT MOUTH CORNER AND LINES AROUND MOUTH: Lifting the corners of the mouth that has fallen creating a fatigued and sad looking face, turning it into a much brighter and happier complexion even during a normal face all the way up to a smile.

6.CONTOUR AND MAKE MORE DEFINED JAW LINE: Filling in grooves near the edge of the mouth or marionette lines for plump skin.

7.TREAT CHEEK HOLLOWNESS AND TO LOOK YOUNGER: Adjust the facial frame for a more defined look, connecting the sunken skin between the chin and cheek as well as lifting the fat in the cheek to enhance your facial frame even more.

8.CORRECT FACE SAGGING, CREATE MORE CONTOUR V SHAPE OF FACE: Lift the cheeks to bring out your facial frames charm and lifts the fat, the benefits include sharper facial frame and a slimmer face.


Individual results may vary.

Without the use of surgery, we use ultrasound waves to boost collagen production for tightening of skin and gives a child like texture to your skin.

      The saggy skin at the SMAS level is right between the fat and muscle layer underneath the skin. The SMAS layer is a thick and powerful connective tissue, this is like a tent, over time the tent may start to deteriorate which is why we need to use a technology which is possible to work to the SMAS layer to restore the tightness of our skin and revitalize that tent.      Tightening by the high-intensity focus ultrasound technology of lifting (Ulthera) is the first and only US-FDA approved the great result of non-surgical face lift that sends ultrasound waves directly to the SMAS layer, the same layer that surgical expert will does surgery to adjust beauty, but we use Ulthera that is no need for surgery, and with no use of needles. We use it to help boost collagen production and restore the weaker collagen to be strong and lively, making your skin look tight and supple, change the saggy skin area to look livelier once more.



  Collagen beneath the skin will have increased production causing tighter and firmer skin

  Reduce wrinkles in the skin and smoothen the skin

  Adjust the face for tighter proportions and better shape

  Lift the eyebrows and improve droopy eyelids

  Reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin all over the face and neck as well as underneath the chin confidently

  Long-term results with only 1 treatment

  Little pain involved during the treatment, however delivering satisfying results with the techniques of our doctors at BSL

  No risk of surgery, no risk of scars and no recovery period




Individual results may vary.

Increase dimension in the facial shape that you have lost, and increase the appeal and attractiveness of your face to the fullest.

Increase dimension in the facial shape that you have lost, and increase the appeal and attractiveness of your face to the fullest.

  • The bone in the temple area causes bumps, the forehead bulge will reduce in size or lose its sharpness on the face.
  • The bone around the top of the eyebrows, the eye sockets area will start to expand in diagonal direction, causing deepness in eye sockets area, the edges of your eyebrows will start to fall, and the depth underneath the eyes and bags will increase in size.
  • The cheekbone will start to sink down which makes the face more prone to wrinkles around the cheek area.
  • The bone at the bridge of your nose will sink in, causing the nose to look longer somewhat like a witch’s nose.
       There is nothing to be worried about the missing parts of the bone, we can easily fill with our filler (HA) which is a substance we already have naturally in our skin anyway. We inject this into the bone layer which is missing, the characteristics of (HA) that we use is similar to a supporting pillar, in which it is as strong and resistant as bone. We use this to fill the missing bone such as at the temple area, orbital area, cheekbone and cheek groove. This is a method which fixes the missing structure of our face to have a full, flexible and clear face with satisfying results after treatment.




  The structure underneath the skin will be stronger and without problems, such as sunken cheeks, deep orbital area, cheek grooves and other deep creases.

  A younger look overall while still looking natural

  A tighter looking skin, as well as proportions that matches your facial shape

  Fixing the defects and highlighting the best parts of your face for a unique look only you can have

  A more beautiful or handsome look immediately after treatment

  No pain and no recovery period, however satisfying results

  No risk of surgery, no risk of scars and no recovery period while being safe in the long-run as well