Cheek Lifting & Tightening

          Individual results may vary.

     Have you ever noticed? Whenever you smile, speak or yawn, you start to have a line from the side of your nose to the end of your lips called cheek groove, while the line from the corner of mouth towards your chin is called the marionette line. These are signs that you are looking older when you may not actually be that old. Flabby or saggy cheeks causes anxiety when meeting people, and maybe cause unimpressive moment since first sight. These deep wrinkle problems can be caused by many factors such as too many muscle movements around that areas and the movement and the missing of fat underneath the skin, gravity pulling the skin down until it becomes a deep groove.  Restore your youthful look with cheek augmentation, filling in the grooves returning your confidence like you once had back in your prime from our specialized dermatologists.

BSL Clinic combines several methods for treatment depending on the scale of the problem. Our specialized dermatologists will analyze, treat and fix as well as give advice for the best results after treatment. We insist on giving our patients a long-term treatment, so the combination of several methods is important. With our treatment method, we use R3 = *lift **fill ***create to treat the groove direct to the point.






  Individual results may vary.


1.FACE AND CHEEK LIFTING:The most important part is lifting the entire face and cheek grooves, it is a process which lifts the upper part of face.


2.SLIMMER FACE:  Adjusting the high cheekbones to be dimensional shape, a big problem in teenagers of Thailand is a high cheekbones which BSL can fix. The cheekbones will no longer look big, without the use of surgery and bone sharpening, this is just a way to change the dimension of that cheekbone to look slimmer resulting in a more definitive shape for your entire face.


3.CONTOUR CHEEK BONE/ CORRECT UNDER EYE HOLLOWNESS:  Adjust the flat cheeks without dimension to be an orange-looked cheeks (Baby cheek), when looking from the side you will see a cheek which extends and pops out towards you.  The curve of the cheek will have a lot more dimension to it, resulting in a younger look in your cheeks, we call this the OGEE CURVE.

4.TREAT SMILE LINES:  Filling in the missing grooves of the cheek that causes deep creases, giving the skin a more fulfilling look.

5.LIFT MOUTH CORNER AND LINES AROUND MOUTH:  Lifting the edges of the mouth that has fallen creating a fatigued looking face, turning it into a much brighter and happier complexion even during a normal face all the way up to a smile.

6.CONTOUR AND MAKE MORE DEFINED JAW LINE:  Filling in grooves near the edge of the mouth or marionette lines for plump skin.

7.TREAT CHEEK HOLLOWNESS AND TO LOOK YOUNGER:   Adjust the facial frame for a more defined look, connecting the sunken skin between the chin and cheek as well as lifting the fat in the cheek to enhance your facial frame even more.

8.CORRECT FACE SAGGING, CREATE MORE CONTOUR V SHAPE OF FACE: Lift the cheeks to bring out your facial frames charm and lifts the fat, the benefits include sharper facial frame and a slenderer face.



  Individual results may vary.

For good deep crease fulfilling, besides considering the results from that treatment, we also place equal importance in the skin and face to have good dimension. We want the whole face to have a smooth and natural look, this is why we use HA (Hyaluronic Acid) in filling and adjusting the dimension of the face. For example, by adding volume to point 3 of the 16 points of beautification that was explained in R 1 principle, this point can adjust the cheeks to look like an S on your cheeks.  When you smile, your cheeks will pop out in front as they have more dimension than before, and can also reduce the height of your cheekbones resulting in OGEE CURUE on your cheeks. Every time looking at yourself, you will feel younger than your age.




  Individual results may vary.



This is a treatment which directly fixes the groove from the inside because the problem of wrinkles is partly caused by collagen underneath the skin deterioration, changing in flexibility of skin. From the bounciness that you once had from a young age, now the skin will just sink in instead. This is a sign that your skin is losing its flexibility and moisture, the way to solve this problem is to boost the production of collagen underneath your skin deep into the SMAS layer in which surgeons would use for surgery. But, with the specialty of this technology, it is possible to create new collagen, by arranging the original collagen into a proper structure, this makes the skin rise, glow and firm. Along with the Radio Frequency - RF technology that can be controlled the temperature and create the optimal condition for boosting collagen production. Therefore, the results of wrinkle and deep groove by stimulating the new collagen production also leads to the good results of removing cheek grooves, marionette lines and cheek lifting treatments as well as creating a healthy skin inside and outside in the long-run.




  Individual results may vary.


     The lines from your nose to the edge of your lips is what we call the cheek groves, we can treat this by reinforcing the structure of the skin around the grooves by our team of specialized dermatologists at BSL Clinic by filling in substance and adding volume to that groove. We separate the problem of cheek grooves into 2 categories which are:
1.Cheek grooves that are not deep They are not very wide, this is mostly found in younger age, and treated by filling volume into both sides of the nose cartilage to reinforce the structure of the skin in the groove as well as making both sides of the cartilage look smaller without any pits or scars. Just these 2 spots are enough to fix and lift up your cheek grooves for more plump and improved skin.
2.Cheek grooves that are deep and wide, can extend to edges of the mouth We use a technique which uses the Blunt Cannula which is a needle with no sharpness at the tip to open 1 point each side, so we open 2 points in total. This is used to inject the volume into the cheek grooves, causing it to plump and look shallower. Even it is a deep groove, but with the special technique only at BSL clinic, so after the treatment, patients can feel natural results and not turn lump or not stiff. Doctors can smooth out the filler on the facial skin, so it is able to move your face naturally.


Individual results may vary.


     The lines from the edge of the mouth to the chin are called marionette lines, and this is mostly found in people age 40-60 years. Other than their original wrinkle problem from the mouth to the chin, problems that arise around this area are small sacks of fat and can blur your jawline. After treatment, we use R3 = lift-fill-create to directly fix the wrinkles. The first point of filling is to lift the mouth edges, causing a once sad face or gloomy face to transform into a high lifted mouth edges, bright and confident, look less sad. Other areas which have these sacks of fat or saggy skin, we will fill the jawline for dimension, removal of grooves and a more tightened and lifted fat. The patient will also look less saggy.

    During the filling process, we will use the Blunt Cannula needle to inject the substance HA (Hyaluronic Acid) which is a natural substance with the skin originally in the body. The needle will open 1 point, the same point of cheek grooves filling in order to lift up the fat and fill the missing fat which leads to a deep groove. After the treatment, the skin will plump, smooth, youthful and shine, less saggy skin. The results received from filling the marionette lines lastly help the boosting of collagen, create new skin which will also reinforce the skin underneath and outside for a flexible, smooth, plump naturally.